White Buffalo Calf Woman 2024 Rainbow Warriors

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Rainbow Warriors

February 2024


The vision I see is of a vast prairie landscape, walking towards us is a shaft of white light and emerging from the light is a strong vibrant woman dressed in white buckskin, behind her is a beautiful rainbow which illuminates the sky line behind her. She strides towards us with the palms of her hands outstretched and streaming from her hands is an iridescent light.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks:

Welcome children of the earth! It is with delight I come forward to impart to you some words of wisdom and love. Please know you are loved; please know you are not alone at this time. The intensity of the energy being created upon the planet may be showing up as chaos for you and it is imperative that each of you trust that you are supported and cared for. Each of you will be called to trust in your inner wisdom and strength to forge your way forward through this morass of complicated energy’s and challenging times.

Some of you will feel overwhelmed and vulnerable and it may show up in waves of fear. When or if this occurs I ask you to ask “is this my fear or the fear I have taken on from the collective”. Many of you are empaths, light workers and you may be inadvertently allowed this fearful energy into your energy field.

Mother Earth will support you:

The Mother Earth can support you and I suggest you take time to walk upon the land, sit upon the land; your earth mother can ground you and support you in releasing fear and doubt. You are children of the earth and your bodies will feel the immediate support from your Mother when you take the time to intentionally be on the earth.

Many humans on the earth have lost their connection to the earth and this can create confusion, or anxiety within the body mind and soul. Taking time to be upon the earth can create a solid energy line, a life line to support and hold you in these shifting times. The earth has gone through changes before, she has ancient wisdom that is imbedded into her stones, mountains, rivers, grasslands and you can access this wisdom and knowledge by being open and available, to the subtle messages of love that are there for you. It may be the call of a bird, the beauty of a mountain, a tree budding in spring; all of these are the language of love that your Mother Earth speaks to you.

I encourage you to go outside find places of beauty, a sunset, a park, forest, seaside or meadow. Go out with no agenda other than to breathe deeply and connect to your beautiful mother, first mother. She is the one that provides you with the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the home you live in she is the most benevolent mother.

While upon the earth allow your root chakra to ground deep into the belly of the mother and anchor in a place of solid unconditional love. Then breathe deeply the sweet nectar of the earth energy into the base of your spine. As you exhale allow your breathe to move through your body and release the fear and stress that may have collected in the fabric of your being.

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Rainbow Warriors:

The vision of the rainbow light is intentional. Each of you were born with the colours of the rainbow imbedded into your chakras, spinning wheels of light that carry for you the divine imprint of who you are, they carry great wisdom, healing qualities and love. These energy centers are connected to your soul source and support the body, mind and soul. Each of you is a rainbow person and in this time you are called to be rainbow warriors. To be strong, vibrant, brave, and embrace the power that is you. This internal strength once activated will support the collective and make a difference to the whole.

You are called to notice your thoughts for they will create your reality, be aware of your self-talk for it will be your creation. Be curious as to the unfolding of your life even when it presents challenge, and notice if you can re-frame your thinking. For example you may think this is a nightmare situation, re-frame:  this is an unexpected adventure that I am sure I can learn from. This is an example of being a rainbow warrior rising above the obvious and creating a new reality for you.


Your mind is a powerful tool and it is important to not believe everything you think. If you notice your mind takes you down roads of despair worry doubt, Stop take a moment to go outside and breathe deeply or close your eyes and envision a place in nature you love and invite in the life force of the Mother Earth to calm down your mind. Notice your body and the reaction to the mental gymnastics, adverse to the calming balm of nature and grounding energy of Mother Earth.


Your body is designed to be healthy, strong, and vibrant and to support the body it is important you move, walking, and stretch. Notice the thoughts you send your body are you impatient or loving to the beautiful vessel that supports your body on this earth plane.


Your beautiful spirit chose to come here to this earth to experience and learn and grow. Connect with your spirit through the power of your breath; nurture your spirit through meditation, stillness and choosing loving thoughts to flow through your body, mind and spirit.

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman and I leave you with this prayer, I will be with you when you call.

White Buffalo Woman teach me your songs let me walk the land with love

Hear my prayers as I walk and softly whisper them

Feel my love I share with you with every breathe that I take

White Buffalo woman open my heart to the wisdom of the land

I feel your love on the summer breeze; know your strength in the tallest trees

I see your beauty in the flowers as they bloom upon the land

White Buffalo Woman walk with me now, let me know your strength and love

I will bend with the wind, cry with no regrets

Let me flow with the rivers, and shine like the sun

White Buffalo Woman walk with me now as I sing your songs of love

Teach me your ways of love and prayer and

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Spirit Guides to Discover:
June 2024



Over the years it has been my delight and honor to connect with hundreds of Spirit Guides for clients who trusted me to connect for them. I have been amazed and delighted at the wisdom that pours forth. Recently I have been musing about spiritual connections and how spirit can support us, with this in mind I asked Red Eagle a trusted ally in spirit the question below.

Red Eagle can you explain about Spirit Guides and how they support us here on the earth realm?

Red Eagle Speaks:

It is with delight I come forth this day to speak to you today. The connection between you and your spirit guides begins with your heart, and is a long standing relationship that you choose when you reincarnated upon earth. To offer up the services of being a guide is an honor and privilege, the advantage we have from this side of the veil is that we view the human experience from both sides of the story.

Whereas when you come to earth as a human you are limited by human experience and many of you have to search and trust to find your spiritual connections. We hold the energy for you as you make your way back to trusting in the divinity of your being on your life journey.



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