Embracing the Rainbow Warrior Within 2015

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Embracing the Rainbow Warrior


Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence

May 2015


The vision I see is a circle of elders around a huge fire. The elders show themselves in ceremonial dress of buckskin, beaded robes, painted bodies, and feathered headdresses. The circle includes men and women dressed in western clothing, and some in furs and skins. They stand shoulder to shoulder, and there is a feeling of solidarity and comfort as I observe so many joined as one. The circle parts and one woman steps forward White Buffalo Calf Woman dressed in brilliant white buckskin, as she steps forward she presents a shawl as a gift for all that read these words. The shawl is beautiful and encompasses all the colours of the rainbow, as she holds it up, a breeze catches the shawl and it flutters and moves in the wind like a piece of silk.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks:

You are rainbow warriors:

Children of Mother Earth I come forth to each of you this day with my heart full of joy and gratitude and I thank you for trusting in my words. Today I offer each of you the gift of the rainbow shawl, and remind you that this is the moment in time you have been waiting for. Woven into your spirit body are the colours of the lifetimes you have lived and the choices you have made. Within your DNA are the joys, laughter, tears and disappointment, of generations. You have been incarnated into red skin, yellow skin, black skin and white skin and now is the time of the rainbow warrior!

I encourage you to embrace all of the colours of the rainbow knowing that you are all one, connected to each other. Just like a rainbow each human who walks upon the earth shares in the kaleidoscope of diversity and adds to the whole.

Each colour in the kaleidoscopic supports the energy of the full spectrum that makes the beauty of the rainbow. I encourage you to let go of judgement of your fellow humans as they make their choices for their journey in the world, remember as you judge one another you judge yourself.

You are all connected through the light grids that are woven around your planet. The Ancients knew of these light grids and accessed the energy that was intertwined into these grids, affording them the opportunity to create sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, and the Pyramids in Egypt.

These sacred sites hold energy that is important for human kind. To access this energy we ask you to change the dream you are dreaming and the knowing will flow to you from these ancient sites and you will continue to be empowered.

These sacred sites are the records keepers of wisdom you left behind to remind yourselves of the wisdom and power that is your birth right.

I understand that the day to day journey you make in human form can be challenging and there are times you feel alone, frustrated and wonder if your journey here does make a difference. I come forth today to say YES you do and will continue to make a difference, it begins with you! It begins with opening your heart and inner being to self-love.

I ask you to notice the critical voice that taunts you with judgements of yourself and your decisions, be gentle with yourself dear ones the love you seek must first be offered to your heart, by you.

The external world will always reflect back to you the inner voice you carry. So when you have judgement you will see judgment in the world. When you have self-doubt you will be presented with doubt in the world. That is why we continue to explain that you are co-creators of your reality.

Father Sun gifts the earth with the Rainbow Light: rainbow 2

 The spectrum of the rainbow light comes from Father Sun he beams his benevolent light and heat to the Mother Earth and all her children. You are children of the sun and could not exist on this planet without the heat and light. It is infused into the food you eat, the trees, water, and fire that sustain your life on the planet. Father Sun shines his light onto all children and his reminder of your diversity and unique perspective comes in the form of the rainbow colours. Each human on the planet has come here for a reason and all are amazing spirits in their purest form choosing to have a human experience.

Mother Earth will support you:

To support your journey forward I encourage you to spend more time on the Mother Earth, for she will always hold you with love. As you spend time on the Mother you support your healed state, release stress, open your heart to the beauty that is there to be found, this also supports your sweet Mother Earth allowing for reciprocity to flow from you to the Mother and back again to you.

This flow is especially important for the year of 2015 which in the numerology comes to an 8 the figure 8 is as above so below and the symbol of the infinite possibilities that will unfold for all in this year of 8. It is also a year where balance is important so I encourage you to find that balance in your life creating opportunities to re fuel your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

There are many wonderful places on the earth to find the sacred, water falls, lakes, rivers, meadows full of wild flowers and ocean beaches. My encouragement for you is to seek these places of refuge and allow some time just to be; no agenda just sit on the earth and breathe, aligning your being with the unconditional love of the Mother Earth grounding your bones to the earth.redrock2015

The Figure 8 breath:

After some time of reflection I invite you to breathe the figure 8 breath, imagine your breath extending to the heavens and Father Sun breathing in the highest light love and truth and having this heavenly light come down through your crown chakra into your solar plexus feeding your body with this angel light. Then exhale that breath down to your sacral and root chakra deep into the Mother Earth, feeding the Mother Earth this pristine heavenly light.

Pause in the place of non-breathing and then take a deep breath and fill your being with the rich life blood of the Mother Earth bring this breathe to your third chakra ( solar plexus) feeding your body with the energy of the Mother Earth then exhale this breathe to the heavens. This creates the breath of the figure 8 of infinity with you as the conduit between heaven and earth. With this sacred breath you are supporting your personal well-being and creating a sacred pathway from the heavens to the earth and the earth to the heavens. Like the hollow bone of the Shaman you are the vessel for the divine energy of love.




I thank you for hearing my words this day and ask you to trust, love and honor each step you make upon the earth.

Beautiful Rainbow Warriors

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman

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