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The Council of Light

Wisdom for 2017

Published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence Perdictions 2017

Perdictions 2017


The vision I see is a beautiful staircase of light extending towards the heavens, I feel the pull to climb up the filament of light, as I ascend I feel my worldly concerns melt away and I begin  to “ remember” my spiritual home and why I choose to come to this Earth. As I allow my whole being to become still I see the council of light beings and feel their love and joy extend to my heart, and I feel complete. I ask for clarity and wisdom for this year of 2017 and this is what I hear.

 The Power of Free Will

Beautiful ones we come forth this day with joy and peace to each of you choosing to read these words. We specifically say choose as this is the most important message we feel we can offer you as you go forward into 2017 the understanding that you have free choice while making your journey on earth. You can choose to be full of joy, or stay in a place of worry and doubt, you can choose to remember your gifts and why you came to earth or you can acquiesce to the heavy mantle of negativity that cloaks the earth. You have the power and strength deep within your being to choose the life you desire. That was the gift from the shift in 2012 YOU have free choice now like never before on earth.

You each have your own Personal Council of Light Beings:

When you choose to incarnate to the earth you brought with you, your spark of divinity with your first breathe as new babies you ignited your heart flame and this glow emanates from your heart and shines into the world through your heart chakra. This flame is full of your divinity, and connects you to your personal Council of Light Beings these beings of light sit in service for you, as you make your journey upon the earth. Each soul on earth has a personal light council and these enlightened beings have your well-being in their care.

The Numerology of 2017:Cathedral

The numerology for 2017 is the number 1 and as such it is an auspicious year for new beginnings, moving forward. The year of 2016 was the year of 9 about completion and so you have been encouraged to move out of old stories, and let go of sad memories, it’s time to get out of your head and into your heart. Ignite your divine heart flame through self-love, trust, and honor of self. Call upon your benevolent light council to be with you, and allow yourself to feel their love and grace flow over you and through you. This is your gift from spirit and you only need to allow and you will feel it flood each part of you, your blood, bones, and muscles, breathing it in deep into your heart flame.

We offer you this Song/ poem to support you to move from your Head to your Heart

Get out of my head old memories / Out of my head old sad stories

Old memories are haunting me, sad stories are tracking me

Get Out of my Head

Let me feel the kiss of the summer breeze, know the strength in the tallest trees

And get out of my head

Leave behind the pain and loss/ move towards my destiny

Feel the love deep in my heart / trust in life not to fall apart

And get out of my head

Know my strength and wisdom lie / deep within my heart and soul

And trust in Life

Trust in life to unfold

Get out of my head, and into my heart

Allow the Love to Enfold You:Crystalcave

To receive the love from your benevolent light beings we encourage each of you to surrender, release yourself from expectation and open you heart to the sweet love that will flow to you from us. This is a simple understanding but not easy, we appreciate the veil of forgetfulness that shrouded you when you incarnated on Earth, must be parted so that you can trust in our words of encouragement and in your own discernment as you begin to remember, who you are and release the expectations you carry within your mind as to how life should be, and allow life to unfold.

Notice Your Thoughts:

We notice you spend a lot of time contemplating what you should do, worrying if you made the right decision and projecting into the future and regretting the past. We notice this seems to be a big part of the human experience. We encourage you to release yourself from what you should do and allow yourself to enjoy your journey of life by participating in the joys and beauty of life. When you are fully present in life each opportunity given to you can be a joy. Yes even the seemingly, mundane, house work, laundry, or mowing your lawn. If you notice the animals in nature they do not carry the stress or worry that impedes the humans, for they are not locked into their minds. The raven will trust that she will find the food she needs for herself and her young ones and all animals trust that the Mother Earth will provide, they trust there is enough. It is only the humans who suffer from the foibles of micromanaging their lives, leaking their energy with regretting the past or anticipating the future. These are habits of the human reality that we would encourage you release in preparation for 2017 for there are wonders to behold awaiting you this year and to prepare for these wonders you will need to be clear of doubt and worry.

2017 Will Bring Wonder:

New beginnings this is what 2017 can offer each of you, fresh hope and awareness of who you are and who you are becoming. The journey of being a human on the Earth is not for the faint of heart, which you have discovered as you are in human form. You have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly faces of the human journey. We remind each of you that you are a magnificent spirit with access to vast wisdom that is your birthright. The humans who choose to incarnate upon the earth at this auspicious time, are some of the brightest stars in the universe, and as such we ask you to believe in yourself and your journey. We ask you to believe in the compassion and kindness of mankind even when this belief is tested, and even when what you witness is far from this. For your belief in the human journey and the story you choose to embrace creates an energy that feeds that story. For example if you feed the story of lack, hatred, and sorrow that will be what you will notice, and possibly experience. Conversely if you feed the story of life with joy, love and trust that energy will connect you to that energy and like the figure 8 the infinity symbol this will in turn feed you.Lotus5

The Power of the Figure 8:

We suggest you close your eyes, take a beautiful cleansing breath in, connect to your spirit through your breath, and imagine there is a figure 8 reaching into your heart flame connecting you to your personal counsel of light. Now breathe in the light, love and power that are offered unto you. Then offer to your council, through your heart, gratitude to these magnificent beings for they hold you safe in the highest light, love and truth. Feel the reciprocity with your connection to your light counsel. You are encouraged to receive the love but understand your light and love is powerful and so sending your love and light to the light counsel, remembering you are one with your counsel of light.

It is the same with your journey on earth you have a responsibly to hold the love and light in your heart for the world. Your perspective matters, where you place your awareness and energy matters this is the food that fuels the earth in its fragile unfolding at this time. When you appreciate the beauty of a flower, it matters, when you drink in the splendour of an evening sunset it matters. Your perspective on life matters, beautiful human. You make a difference in the world remember each of you carries the spark of divinity your collective divinity creates the Grand Divine, so each of you and your choices matter.

This is why we keep encouraging you to release yourselves from the victim mentality, nothing is being laid on you dear ones you are not powerless, you have the power to create the reality you choose.

There is no better time to understand and embrace this than NOW, in 2017 we are the counsel of light and we offer you the highest light, highest love and highest truth this day.

Please accept our blessings which we offer to each of your hearts through the figure 8

Submitted by Therese Dorer

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This time of my life was full, I was a married  a mother of two children, I had a full time career working at a municipal job. I was overwhelmed by the busy schedule of my life and my children’s lives.

My mother and I were very close so when she told me of a wonderful experience she had with mediation and how it felt for her like a movie I was very intrigued. I knew very little about meditation other than you had to sit quietly and do nothing, which felt strange to me. I asked Mom where she had learned to meditate and she told me about the book Revolution for Within by Gloria Steinman. The book intrigued me as it was about how to find our inner wisdom and part of the journey was suggested meditations at the back of the book. I was quite skeptical, I had never meditated and thought sitting quietly with my eyes closed would be a waster of time. In my job I was proud of being someone who got the job done, and enjoyed being organized and efficient.

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