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Each meditation will bring you into a place of stillness, and allow for individual transformations. The insights I will share with you have been gifted to me from my dreamtime and walking meditations. I would like to thank the wonderful energies that have shared their clarity and knowledge with me to bring these understandings to you. Each meditation is presented from spirit in a free flow manner and so the feeling of connection to the highest realms will be evident for you as you go into the stillness hear the words which will take you to your internal universe and allow for transformations to take place.
Meditation is a powerful way to let go of the logical mind some of the benefits of meditation are:
  • Accelerate Your Body's Rate of Recovery and Healing.
  • Reach Deep Levels of Relaxation and Banish Stress
  • Increases Your Power of Concentration, Focus and Memory.
  • Gain Greater Creativity, Intuition and Feeling of 'Connectedness'.


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Sedona Channeling

  • Master Kuthumi Holds you in the Light +

    Master Kuthumi Holds You in the Light


    Master Kuthumijpg 2019

    Published August 2019 Sedona


    The vision I see is of an open landscape and striding towards me is Master Kuthumi with his hands out stretched and a huge smile on his face. I feel his wisdom and love as he enfolds us in light/love/ and truth.

    Master Kuthumi Speaks:

    Welcome all who choose to read these words, I am here for you and my love is unwavering. I have chosen to

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