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Therese 1I live in British Columbia Canada one of the most beautiful areas in the world. My home is Kamloops which means meeting of the waters,two powerful rivers the South Thompson River and the North Thompson River, join at the heart of the city, creating a vortex of amazing energy. I was born in this city and raised by the South Thompson River, so I spent my youth loving to swim, play, ride horses, and sit by the river. As a grown woman I built my home by the North Thompson River and have raised my two beautiful daughters with my husband. I have felt the beauty and healing quality's of the rivers in this valley my whole life.

My adventures into the invisible realms began in 1993 after the passing of my father, and I began meditating. I was amazed and delighted with the visions I saw and the conversations I could have with my deceased father. This time of personal healing led me to begin to “see” my Spirit Guide Wise One and I began my initiation into the invisible realms and I became a student of spirit. This journey was a solo one until 1998 when I began to reach out to others and share my visions and insights. The door way to partnering with spirit became wider that year and I began working to connect for others and found my life very changed as I opened my heart to the wisdom of the spirit guides that seemed so eager to share insights through me for others. So I became a Spiritual Consultant Prior to this I had worked as a recreation professional for 25 years where I embraced my world as a professional organizer and enjoyed the corporate world, and enjoyed the creative process of working with people.


Since I began in 1998 I have given insights to hundreds of clients.  The gifts I share include clairvoyance, so I am able to “see” amazing visions I offer to my clients from spirit. My gift of clairaudient, allows spirit to give clarity and wisdom, through me and I “hear” the messages from spirit for you.

In 2002 I took the leap of faith to pursue my dream of creating my own business, and Crystal Clear Insights was formed. Since then I has been available full time to partner with Spirit and connect for my clients.When I give an intuitive consultation I connect with your personal Spirit Guides and the session is done through direct channeling. Through the wisdom of the wise ones I help you to negotiate the enchanted waters and bring forth wisdom and clarity.

In 2002 I began to embrace the Shamanic earth based medicine from Peru. Since then have been blessed to study with Jose Luis Herrera Rainbow Jaguar Institute and I am a Full Mesa carrier of the Inca Shaman tradition from Peru. This amazing medicine from the men and women of Peru has led me to offer energy healing for clients including Soul Retrieval, Illumination, and Extractions. With the power of the rattle, drum, chanting and my ability to hear the wisdom of the elders the opportunity for healing can take place. It is of course a three way partnership between you the client, spirit, and me that the healing and transformations can unfold. As a healer my biggest role is to get my logical mind out of the way and become a clear conduit for the energy to come forward, so healing can take place.

Working with Spirit is always amazing an adventure; to my surprise and amazement I began to hear the messages from Ascended Masters and wondrous beings. So I began writing down these insights and have become a regular contributor to Sedona Journal of Emergence, where these insights are published. You can find these articles on this web site.

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To bring forth the wisdom for my clients I ask for clarity from each client’s personal spirit guide. To connect with our amazing spirit helpers from the invisible realms is a privilege and a pleasure. I am able to hear the messages, see the personal visions for your most benevolent outcome, and guide you to your healed state. The energies I work with are from the highest light, love and truth.beautiful lake

I am a full Mesa carrier of this ancient Shaman tradition, and have been initiated into the Shamanic Healing Traditions of the Medicine People of Peru. I have completed mastery courses with Rainbow Jaguar, and traveled to Peru three times to learn from the Medicine men and women. I have been on pilgrimages to United Kingdom to learn of my Celtic roots  and visited Stonehenge, Glastonbury Wales, and Ireland and connected to my lineage in this ancient land. These journies strengthened my trust in my intuition and my connection with the Mother Earth and her amazing wisdom. As I learn and trust in earth based medicine I am constantly delighted in the transformations that can take place when we partner with Spirit.

Medicine Woman Series: An opportunity for change in your life

If you are interested in connecting with Spirit in a deeper way you may be interested in the Medicine Woman Series  I offer once a year. The next Sacred Circle will be annouced soon. This is a way to go deep into the Medicine and allow for changes in your life,please go to workshops for more information

Time for Reflection:

I offer sacred circles for opportunity to experience connecting with Spirit through shamanic journeys these are listed in the calendar on the home page of the web site.

The Meditation opportunities continue to amaze me as in sacred circle participants are able to access their own connection with spirit and wisdom from a deep intuitive level.

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