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Master Kuthumi

A Year of Transition and Awareness

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The vision I see is a beautiful staircase of light leading up towards the sky. I climb the stairs of light and as I climb I feel lighter and more peaceful. I arrive at a platform where a white mist envelops me, instantly filling me with love and peace. Before me is a stream of white light, which I follow. It leads to a circle of Masters standing around a counsel table. In the center of the round table is a map of the world. Beautiful light emanates from each Master and they appear as pillars of shimmering white light. Emerging from the light counsel is Master Kuthumi and he welcomes all who choose to read these words.

 Master Kuthumi Speaks:

Welcome to this counsel of Masters. We are pleased that you are choosing to read these words and are open to change and transformation. Your earth is going through a huge conversion and re-set and you, dear ones, as children of the earth are a part of the master plan. I ask you to trust that you are prepared for the changes that are unfolding upon the earth, even though you may feel inadequate and overwhelmed. Know that we stand in communion with you as you move into 2021, the year of transition.

2021 will bring more awareness.

As you move into 2021 you may be concerned as to what this year will bring and where you stand in the unfolding of the new earth. The veils of illusion are dissolving and the masks of deceit are collapsing. Each of you has a front row seat to the changing of the guard. You have the opportunity to be a part of the solution.

I remind you that your physical bodies are an illusion and through this transitory time your bodies have become more translucent and malleable.  Your vibrational levels have risen and you are now in a lucid state of awareness. With this new uplifting of your physical bodies for 2021 you will notice you react strongly to upheaval and low level negative energies.

In this year of 2021 you are encouraged to be gentle and kind to your bodies. Remember that your bodies are created from the same essential elements as your Mother Earth - the essential building blocks of all things in the physical world you call home. The earth, air, water and fire will be important to keep you grounded so that you feel safe in these times of change. Your physical body is connected to these four elements and so taking some time to commune with these four foundational energies will support you.


mount robson

Take time to be on the earth - walking, biking, and sitting in nature. Allow your body to feel safe upon the beautiful earth that you chose to reincarnate upon at this specific time. Honor the earth and thank her for the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the body that houses your spirit. Living in reciprocity with your Mother Earth will support you in being grounded in the earth realm as the changes are happening around you.



The air you breathe connects you to your spirit and fills your body with the essential oxygen to feed your blood, muscles and bones. A self-care suggestion is to notice your breathe and when you breathe in make that breathe intentional, filling your body with this life giving force when you exhale release that which no longer serves you. The act of intentionally breathing in this manner will fill you up on the in breathe and allow you to release on the exhale, supporting you to be in balance. Take some time every day to just breathe with focus honoring your life force as it flows in your body.


sink hole

Your physical body holds at least 50% water. This fluidity flushes toxins and carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells. The rivers of water that wash your bodies clean are essential for your wellbeing, just as the rivers of light that connect you to your source energy are essential. In this year of 2021 you will need the support of water to keep your emotions balanced and to allow for the flow of life to create movement forward. It is important not to get caught in a position of black and white thinking. You will need to be flexible and fluid and find balance to negotiate these changing times. Take time to sit near water. Notice the flow of the water and attune your body’s life force to the water ways. Thank the water you drink and honor the water that you bathe in, communing with the fluidity.



The fire in your body can be likened to your spirit which is housed in your physical body. Fire is hot, transformational energy and quickly incinerates wood and paper. The wood you burn is from the trees on the earth that have absorbed the light of the Father Sun. Connecting to the element of fire supports you to have a strong connection to your spirit in 2021. Your spirits are full of the highest light, highest love and highest truth. Trusting in the magnificence of your spirit will guide you in this year ahead. Your spirit knows how to support you, so trust in this life force that flows in your body. Your spirit is eternal, infinite and magnificent. Trust in your choice to return once again to the physical form. Take some time to light a candle and honor your spirit that flows in your body.

The Counsel of Light Beings:


Each of you has a personal counsel of light beings who look out for you, love you and trust you. I ask you to trust that you are not alone on this journey. We are here for you and trust in your becoming. This year of 2021 is a wonderful opportunity to form a clear and strong connection to your personal wise ones.

To support you with this, I remind you again that your physical bodies are holograms of light. You are magnificent spirits choosing to have a human experience with a body and mind. You are so much more than just your physical bodies. I challenge you to not limit yourself, to ask for more of your lives, to expect miracles and celebrate your successes.

In this year of 2021 you can support your wellbeing with sound therapy, toning, singing, drumming, crystal bowls. The sound has a resonance that will break down the heavy energy that may be lodged in your bodies from the intense fear that has been upon the planet in this year of 2020. Your voice is unique unto you - no one else has a voice like you. The throat chakra is the bridge between the head and the heart. Allowing your voice to be heard opens this portal to the heart. Let your voice of truth and love be heard this year of 2021. It will join the celestial gatherings of light beings in the transformational choir of joy.

I thank you for your attention this day and hold you in the highest love.

I am Master Kuthumi

Brought through Therese Dorer

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Many people ask me how I began my journey here is a snipit of my story.

The death of my father was my first real encounter with the fragility of life.

This time of my life was full, I was a married  a mother of two children, I had a full time career working at a municipal job. I was overwhelmed by the busy schedule of my life and my children’s lives.

My mother and I were very close so when she told me of a wonderful experience she had with mediation and how it felt for her like a movie I was very intrigued. I knew very little about meditation other than you had to sit quietly and do nothing, which felt strange to me. I asked Mom where she had learned to meditate and she told me about the book Revolution for Within by Gloria Steinman. The book intrigued me as it was about how to find our inner wisdom and part of the journey was suggested meditations at the back of the book. I was quite skeptical, I had never meditated and thought sitting quietly with my eyes closed would be a waster of time. In my job I was proud of being someone who got the job done, and enjoyed being organized and efficient.

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