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Red Eagle speaks

Published in the June 2012 Sedona Journal of Emergence

red hawk on horse

The vision I see is a wide open space, in the forefront is a tall Native Chief dressed in buckskin, on his head is a full headdress of eagle feathers, he stands by his horse and the horse is drinking water from a clear clean pond. The sun is setting and the glow from the sun illuminates the landscape, the vision suggests that after a long ride the Chief is giving his horse a refreshing rest.

Red Eagle speaks:

Sons and daughters of the Mother Earth, it is with great joy I come forth this day to speak with you, be with you, and pray with you. The vision I have shown my sweet sister Therese is a metaphor for all of you. You have come to the end of a long ride and you are on the cusp of new beginnings for yourselves and for Mother Earth. You, my fellow travelers have journeyed a long way to be where you find yourselves to be this day, and I suggest you, pause and drink deeply from the waters of rejuvenation. The sun is setting upon the Earth and evening approaches as one era dies so a new day can be born, it is time to ponder and reflect as the sun sets in the West.

In the teaching of the Medicine Wheel, the west is the land of the dying sun, a place you are encouraged to die to the old and prepare for rebirth.

Over the years we have spoken with you of the importance of releasing your doubts worries and fears and we are pleased with the progress and awareness you have gleaned over the years, months and days.

Today is a good day to die! I encourage you to die to the old, allow the transformation to begin, align your energetic body with the shifts of the Mother Earth.

The Importance of Ritual:

Ritual will support you in this time of transition; the practice of ritual allows you to move from the mundane and provides you with the tools to commune directly with Spirit.

The ancient wisdom keepers of the earth know the importance of ritual, and within your DNA you have the knowledge of the ancient ways. Each of you reading this has walked the earth before and to help you remember this walk I encourage you to embrace ritual, this will open the pathways to your karmic records and allow the knowing from these past lives to come forth, to support you in this life time.


Ritual takes you out of your logical mind and into the vast realm of magic and wonder; in the sacred container of ceremony Spirit can support your journeys into the infinite wisdom that awaits you. In the time I walked upon the earth we were aware of the changing of seasons, the waxing and waning of Grandmother Moon, and lived in reciprocity with the Mother Earth. We embraced ceremony to enhance and augment our lives and call upon the Spirits of the land for wisdom and support.

These times you walk the earth many of you are disconnected from your Mother Earth, her rhythms, and cycles. This is a sad reflection for you are children of the earth, your physical body which houses your magnificent spirit is created from the same elements as the earth, and your body is made from the same essentials as the mountains, rivers, rocks and trees.

Now is the time to rekindle your relationship with your Earth Mother who holds unconditional love, for you. The Earth’s love for you is constant and clear, and in this time of her transformation she wants you to make this journey with her. You are not separate from her; you are one with this beautiful Mother Spirit.

The type of ritual you embrace can be as diverse as each of you who walk upon the belly of the Mother. The key ingredient is love and respect you offer through your prayers, remembering to give thanks for the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the homes you live in, all of this she provides for you.

Many of you have embraced beautiful rituals of placing crystals, building labyrinths, playing your drums, and creating beautiful prayer bundles. Every prayer is absorbed by the Mother, each song of praise is heard, and your love is felt.

Like sweet balm to chafed lips the sweet nectar is appreciated and cherished by the Great Mother.

Water will keep you in the flow:

north thompson

Water will be important to each of you as this year continues; the fluidity of water is a reminder of the importance of fluidity in your life, allowing your life to be in the flow like a river that flows with no disruption.

Flexibility and being malleable will serve you well as the shifts and changes stream into the reality of the world consciousness. This is not the time to be rigid or hold a position in your life, and spending time near water will help you with the ebb and flow of life and allow you to embrace the new energy that is being birthed onto the planet. I encourage you to take the time to sit by a river, ocean, lake or stream and tune into the energy of water, as you sit in this place of tranquility, embrace the opportunity to release your mental grip of worry, doubt, anxiety and fear. Allowing the flow of the water to wash you clean, so that you can be a clear conduit for your spirit to flow through your body, and your journey forward will be unencumbered by the heavy energy of old paradigms of fear and doubt.

Honor your connection to Spirit:

I have shown myself in the vision for Therese with my full headdress of eagle feathers, and this is intentional. In the time I walked upon the earth the headdress was an honor to wear and only certain individuals were given this mark of respect. A chief earned this honor by good deeds he did for his people and it was given in the highest honor, the eagle feather was used as this was the most sacred and powerful bird for my people.


Each of you has your own personal headdress; it came with you as you took your first breath as a new baby. Your headdress is your crown chakra where your spirit enters your body and this crown is connected to the highest realms of light and wisdom, and to connect to this is your birthright.

In the medicine wheel of life the eagle sits in the East and symbolizes the ability to see from different vantage points, she fly’s high above the mundane, encouraging you to source to the highest heights. This time of 2012 the Mother Earth and her children are encouraged to move from the West die to the old and move into the East the land of vision and claim your destiny.

Each of you through past lives, and living with intention in this life have earned your eagle headdress, stand tall my beautiful children of the earth and claim your place upon the earth as she makes her way forward. Celebrate and embrace this time, you choose to be here for this grand ride, and we applaud your courage and tenacity. We are here to support and love you as the new world unfolds, and each of you unfolds your wings to achieve the highest potential of your being.

I am Red Eagle:

by Therese Dorer

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Master Kuthumi

Published Sedona Journal November 2021

Master Kuthumijpg 2019

The vision I see is a highway of light that leads to a pyramid of crystalline light. The pyramid is vibrant and glowing and emerging from the center of the triangle is Master Kuthumi his hands are outstretched and he blesses all who choose to read these words of love, light and truth for 2022.

Master Kuthumi Speaks:

Beautiful light beings upon earth, courageous souls I have come forth to share with you insights and clarity from the highest realms. I come to each of you holding love, light and truth and ask you to open your hearts to the new expression of light -frequency that is unfolding upon the planet at this auspicious time of 2022. The pyramid of light is a compilation of higher frequency that is being held for you to rejuvenate and you are invited to visit this place in meditation whenever you need to be re-set. We are aware of the density of the energies that you are navigating at this time and so we encourage you all to take the time you need to rise to the higher frequency’s and accept the gift of the crystalline light.

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