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Take some time to connect to your Inner Wisdom and Strength, together we can reconnect for you through direct revelation,

  Spiritual Consultations: A private consultation can be done on the phone or in person. Imagine you can connect to your wise adviser and hear the words of wisdom and clarity just for you! That is what a private Spiritual Consultation offersRobson2016

Medium:Connecting with  loved ones can be healing and allow for forgiveness, closure and acceptance. I have been connecting for families since 1998 and I am amazed at the messages of love and healing a reading like this can offer.

Shamanic Healing: Shamanic healing is an ancient and powerful way to shift negative patterns and energy that may be inhibiting you from moving forward.These healing modalities are thousands of years old and can support your healed state.

Past Live Awareness: Through connecting with Spirit Therese can track your past lives, with the awareness of these life times we can work with Spirit to give us clarity on what karma or patterns  we may have brought to this life time, working together Therese will support you in releasing the karma to move forward in this life.

Energy work can be done on the phone or in person:

Investment for sessions $120.0


  Kind thoughts shared

Hello Therese

It was so good and healing to see you last week - on many levels. On a physical level, I had pain/muscle spasms in my right hip/buttock that had been bothering for a few months intermittently. I haven't had the same pain since! I am also much more grounded, clearer and committed to taking care of myself.




Medicine Woman Series

A four part series designed to empower Women

Series begins in October 2016 and continues into 2017

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October 2016

Please contact Therese if you are interested in this Series

Only 3 spots left in this Series


 A four part Series designed to Empower and Enlighten

I invite you to a Medicine Woman series designed for women who are interested in creating a direct connection with Spirit through ancient teachings. We will explore the teachings of the Celtic, Inca, and connect directly with our Spirit Guides and wise ones and remember the wisdom from our lineages our grandmothers and their teachings. We will create a Medicine Bundle, Power bundle that will embody our strength and wisdom. We will connect through laughter, stories, song, Shamanic journeying and being on the Mother Earth. This series is for those new adventurers, and to those who may have a Mesa or bundle, and would like to continue their studies. We will create our Bundle with our love and intention and learn how we can make our Medicine Bundles “grow corn” for us in our everyday lives. The intention of the series is to provide empowerment for Women as we move forward into our next steps in life.

 Investment for each workshop: $375.00



 The workshop will be held in a private setting we will do fire ceremony, and have access to a sacred garden.

For More Information contact Therese by phone or text

Phone  250-578-8437


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Sedona Channeling

  • White Buffalo Calf Woman 2016 The Power of Prayer and Gratitude +

    The Power of Prayer and Gratitude


    White Buffalo Calf Woman

    July 2016

    Published Sedona September 2016


    I am walking through tall prairie grass and a gentle breeze kisses my face and brushes my hair, as I walk I see a huge white buffalo standing on the shimmering prairie landscape. The vision transforms and emerging from the land I see a magnificent being of white light that changes into a woman dressed in white buckskin. It is White Buffalo Calf

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