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Master Kuthumi

Published Sedona Journal November 2021

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The vision I see is a highway of light that leads to a pyramid of crystalline light. The pyramid is vibrant and glowing and emerging from the center of the triangle is Master Kuthumi his hands are outstretched and he blesses all who choose to read these words of love, light and truth for 2022.

Master Kuthumi Speaks:

Beautiful light beings upon earth, courageous souls I have come forth to share with you insights and clarity from the highest realms. I come to each of you holding love, light and truth and ask you to open your hearts to the new expression of light -frequency that is unfolding upon the planet at this auspicious time of 2022. The pyramid of light is a compilation of higher frequency that is being held for you to rejuvenate and you are invited to visit this place in meditation whenever you need to be re-set. We are aware of the density of the energies that you are navigating at this time and so we encourage you all to take the time you need to rise to the higher frequency’s and accept the gift of the crystalline light.

You precious ones are not alone on this journey and are asked to trust that we are with you and hold you in the highest respect, we understand that these have been intense times for you. These are times of change and uncertainty and never before have you been asked to dig deep into your core of wisdom and hold fast to your wisdom and strength. You have been asked to make big decisions and there are many opinions as to what is right and what is wrong. As you enter into the  year of 2022 you are being asked to make choices about your personal health, well-being that may feel overwhelming.

The choices are both personal and collective and there are and will continue to be varying opinions as to what is right and what is wrong. I come forth to tell you there is no one answer that will serve you all. There are no quick fixes to give you, rather you are asked to trust in self and remember you have inner knowing when making life choices. I understand this can feel overwhelming and you would prefer to have the road ahead be smooth and predictable. But this time of 2022 is not predictable and you are in shifting times, and I ask you to remember you signed up for this opportunity to be upon the planet. You may feel as if you are walking upon unstable sands in the desert and there is no grounded core root to hold onto, so allow the energy of trust to be  your mantra for 2022 trust in the unfolding of the new age.


   Dont make it Personal

There has never been a time when it is imperative to not make it personal. When you do not agree with another’s choices it is not personal to you it is what each individual is being guided to do for their personal well-being. I caution you to not be seduced by others who profess to know what is best for you. The time to embrace your divinity is now; align yourself with your personal pyramid of light, love and truth.

Your light is needed upon the earth and when it is diminished in any way self-doubt, comparison, worry, and confused love then your light is dimmed. 

Questions from Therese:

It preparing to write this year predictions 2022 I asked Master Kuthumi some questions I have been asking in my life and thought his answers may serve others.

What of the virus Covid?

The virus you call Covid is not to punish you or divide you from source. Be cautious and aware of those that have easy answers or choose to make others wrong. The virus was a world situation for a reason to show each of you that you are all ONE interconnected and what each of you think, feel, say and do affects the matrix.

You are called to be present in your lives and not go into strong positions, be in reciprocity and don’t grab each other’s energy with stories that suggest right or wrong trust in the unfolding of this world event even when it is not clear.

Wisdom on the Vaccine:

You are a part of the collective and you are individuals. The choice around the vaccine is just that a choice each of you is asked to make. Pease don’t make it contentious or buy into strong opinions either way. There is no one answer but many right answers for different individuals, ignore the fear and do not engage in the rhetoric. Make the decision that is right for you and only you can know which choice that is.

Climate Change:

Of course your climate is changing your world is changing and shifting. Yes we encourage you to be in harmony with your beautiful earth mother, but also not go into fear. The changes and awareness are important your currant way of being on the earth is not sustainable and you will and must find new ways of living to support your planet earth.

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Master Kuthumi Speaks:

It is with pleasure I come to each of you to be of service, and to thank each of you for being of service in your life journey. You make a difference to the whole when you are choosing self-care and self-love, from this place you will and can make a difference to the whole.

Imagine your energy glows like a pillar of white light and this light emanates for miles and enhances and supports all who are blessed to be in the presence of the streams of light and love.  

Now imagine dark hole in the ground that searches for energy from others, drama, fear and constantly needs to be fed.

It is up to you to choose how you wish to engage in life coming from a place of fear and judgement or connecting to source and emanating light. This year of 2022 is pivotal and I encourage you to choose wisely your way of walking in the world.  Your choices for this year will affect the personal and the collective, you have the power to create with love or destroy with confused love.

I come to you with the highest regard and faith in each of you as you choose to shine your brilliant light.

I am Master Kuthumi

Brought through Therese Dorer


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Walking into 2023 with Merlin

 Published in Sedona Journal Predictions 2023

 Merlin 2017

In preparation into our journey into 2023 we are asked to imagine a forest pathway that leads through a canopy of tall trees. Before you begin your walk down the woodland path you are encouraged take a moment to close your eyes and inhale  a deep cleansing breath, hold this breath and allow your body to relax and then when you are ready, exhale and breathe out any trepidation or uncertainty about moving forward. Now take a moment to move into your heart, place your hand on you heart and lightly tap upon this powerful energy centre and set a clear intention to support your journey into 2023.

You are now ready to venture forth and follow the pathway that winds through the trees; you are surrounded by the four essential elements of life, earth, wind, water and fire. Notice the soft forest floor beneath your feet, the gentle breeze upon your face, the sound of trickling water and the sun warm on your face.

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