Quan Yin Finding your Authentic Voice


Quan Yin

Finding your Authentic Voice

Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence

June 2019

quan yin 2 2019 

The vision presented to me is the Milky Way, and emerging from the star lit sky is a huge white dragon, riding the dragon is Quan Yin. She looks strong, powerful and magnificent, the shape of her body is melded into the dragon and it is as if they are one. As the dragon flies through the Milky Way her scales fall away and become new born stars.

Quan Yin Speaks:

Finding your authentic voice:

I come today riding the dragon of transformation the dragon energy represents, strength, fire, and forward movement and all of you need these energies at this time. This is not a time to be complacent; it is a time to trust that you are divine beings, who have chosen to reside upon the earth at this time. I ask you to honor, trust, and own this. This act of owning your divinity will open your heart and you will remember that there is so much more for you to experience in your life here on earth. I remind you to not make yourself small, not to think you are insignificant. When you notice those thoughts of feeling lesser than, pause take a moment, breathe deeply and be aware of where those thoughts come from.

I say to you that the critical voice you hear is not your authentic voice, it is a voice you have been taught from external sources. Through your families of origin, social media, television, and the various levels of dysfunction that reside upon the earth.

You beautiful one have a contract to reconnect to your authentic voice, and let that voice, and knowing be a gift to your families, friends, work places, and ultimately the world. What do you desire to do with the precious life you have been given and how do you choose to use your light and voice to support the unfolding of the new beginnings on earth.

When you find your true voice of empowerment the ripple effect of who you are and what you can offer will be and is huge. We here applaud and support the transformation you are choosing to have faith there is more, and seeing you accept the abundance from the universe that is your birth right.

Shed What no Longer Serves:

quan yin 2019

The vision of the dragon gliding across the sky releasing the star dust is intentional. The dragon is shedding her scales, and morphing as she flies. You are asked to trust as you release that which no longer serves you, self-doubt, worry, and all the faces of fear, it is like the dragon shedding her scales. Releasing these old ways of engaging in life will allow for your transformation.

The universe was created from chaos, crashing energies and explosions. In your life when it feels as if it is chaotic and hectic, I ask you to remember that from chaos comes new life, rebirth, and from this you have the opportunity to create a new reality, you are a co-creators that is why you came to this planet, to experience all that it is to be human.

For example if you are going through the break-up of a relationship, this creates for you huge change and uncertainty, but from another perspective from this chaos can come change and create new beginnings. You are then able to get through these changes with more confidence and self-worth; you can embrace the understanding that life has more for you to experience.

Perhaps the change is the death of a loved one which is always a challenging time in your life. In this time I would remind you that the spirit is eternal and the death of the human form is an opportunity to morph into another reality and the spirit is able to once again experience the infinite possibilities of being an eternal being.

The gift of the Lotus flower:

I now ask you to close your eyes breathe deeply and hold your hands out with your palms cupped ready to receive. Allow me to place into the palms of your hands the gift of the lotus flower; allow your inner vision to expand as you see the beauty of this flower. Flowers are captured light; they absorb the sunlight and create beauty for the eye to behold. The lotus flower is multilayered, like your heart chakra which holds the spark of divinity and unconditional love.

In addition to the strength of the dragon I offer you the sweet nectar of the lotus flower to soothe and support your heart chakra. I ask you to bring your cupped hands and hold them over your heart and breathe deeply. As you do this ceremony please allow yourself to feel me as I stand beside you in honor, love and trust. I offer you these words of affirmation to support you in this opportunity for transformation.

Let the seed of the divine light be activated within my heart now.

I trust and honor my journey as I go forward upon the earth

I accept the unconditional love that flows to me this day


You are created from stardust:

I ask you to be proud of who you are, this body you choose for this incarnation is exactly the body you need for this time. Your voice is the voice you need, all parts of the miracle that is you is meant to be as it is. Your body is created from stardust from the vast universe, from this chaos came life, you are miracle of creation. I ask you to cherish yourself with self-love.

I am Quan Yin the goddess of mercy and compassion and I invite you to ride the white dragon of transformation with me in your dream time, together we will create new realities.

Brought through Therese Dorer

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White Eagle 

Connecting to the Christ Consciousness

February 2021

Published February Sedona Journal 2021

white eagle 2

The vision I see is a morning sunrise. The sun is rising over the mountain peaks and, soaring in the morning light, is a huge white eagle. The eagle circles and swoops around me and gently lands upon a tree branch. Then with a flash of white light, the eagle shape shifts into the light being I know as White Eagle. He stands before me holding a white eagle feather.

 White Eagle Speaks:

The Christ Consciousness

Welcome to all who choose to read these words. I come before you today with much love and respect for your human journey in the earth realm. I bring you words of hope and solidarity and stand with each of you. Today I give you the invitation to embrace the Christ consciousness. Allow yourself to receive this mindfulness into your physical body, to embrace it in your emotional and mental bodies, and allow it to support you in your spiritual body.

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