White Buffalo Calf Woman Calling all Rainbow Children 2020

White Buffalo Calf Woman


 Calling all Rainbow Children

 The vision I see is a vast prairie landscape and in the distance is a beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky. Striding towards me is the powerful grounded energy of White Buffalo Calf Woman.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks:

 Welcome rainbow children of the earth!

 There has never been a more important time for you to remember that each of you is a rainbow warrior that has chosen this time to live upon the earth realm. You have been moving toward embracing your full spectrum of rainbow light and holding it in your spiritual body for many years and now is the time to anchor this light to the earth plane.

There is much chaos upon the earth and we notice that this turmoil is highlighted in your media and comes to your awareness through technology. It is important that you use your discernment as to whether you will accept this chaos as your reality or if you will choose to create your own reality from your perspective as a rainbow light warrior.rainbow

You have a choice to walk as a rainbow warrior while you are in human form; you have the choice to walk with your rainbow light shining, and honor your fellow brothers and sisters who walk upon the earth from the four directions the south, west, north and east. Together as children of the rainbow light you are encouraged to join as one to create the changes you desire upon the earth. To hold fast to the energies of trust, love and honor supporting one another through these turbulent times.

As rainbow warriors you must first embrace these truths for yourself. The rainbow light includes unconditional love and you are reminded to love yourself and hold this essential quality of the rainbow light within your heart and have it flow through your body, feeding your blood, bones, and muscles.

Trust is another aspect of the rainbow light; you hold this in the lower three energy centers of your body, your root chakra, sacral and solar plexus. This is your foundation where you feel safe and connected to the Mother Earth. Extend the energy of trust into the depths of the mother earth so that you can feel grounded and solid in your being.

Woven in to your rainbow body is the energy of honor which is held in your throat, third eye and crown you are asked to honor all that you bring to this auspicious time from this life time and from all lifetimes. When you honor yourself it supports you in releasing self-criticism judgment of self, and over thinking.

As you weave these energies of unconditional love, trust and honor into your energy field we here on this side of the veil see your rainbow cloak expand.

With these beautiful colours of the rainbow glowing as luminously as possible you are ready to hold the rainbow light for the earth’s transformation and extend this light to all children of the earth. You will support one another to have no fear of the change to not be judgemental of the differences in colour, creed or beliefs. Diversity is necessary for the world to be vibrant and vital and all people when seen in their divine light are capable of wearing the rainbow cloak.

Allow your light to shine:

Each of you are a part of these changing times upon the Mother Earth, I ask you to not be seduced by your doubts and worries that you are not enough, or that you cannot make a difference. You dearest ones are the chosen ones for this time, the old ones who have returned to the Mother Earth when your wisdom and knowing is needed the most. Let your light shine as brightly as you can, and do not make yourself small, your light and strength is needed at this time. Self-care will be important which includes good food, exercise, and time in nature quiet time for rejuvenation.

 White Buffalo Calf Woman Walks with us

Come walk with me to the rainbow waterfall.

Come walk with me across an open meadow full of flowers and sweet grasses swaying in the wind. Allow your breath to be like the wind, and flow through your body releasing your fears and doubts. As you walk upon the pathway you hear the sound of running water and begin to walk beside a beautiful stream of clean clear water. You follow the water way and now you hear the roar of a waterfall;copy of marlyse wedding 2012 023 you continue along the path and stand before a magnificent rainbow waterfall and watch as the water cascades over the rocks, and the rainbow light shines on the landscape. You find a place to stand and allow the pristine energy of this rainbow light to flow to each energy centres of your body. Breathe in earth red to your root chakra, vibrant orange to your sacral, golden yellow to your solar plexus. You embrace emerald green to your heart, sky blue to your throat indigo to your third eye and violet purple to your crown chakra, aligning your rainbow body of light as you rejuvenate all of your energy centers. Now feel your rainbow light flowing like the waterfall in your body and you are aligned and strengthened as you stand tall and strong.

You give thanks and begin to walk back along the water way and feel the renewed sense of your expanded self, connected with your soul source.

We see you as you walk your walk and sing your songs, pray your prayers we trust, love and honor each of you beautiful rainbow children of the light.

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Brought through Therese Dorer

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                                                  Therese's Story from the Early Days 

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Many people ask me how I began my journey here is a snipit of my story.

The death of my father was my first real encounter with the fragility of life.

This time of my life was full, I was a married  a mother of two children, I had a full time career working at a municipal job. I was overwhelmed by the busy schedule of my life and my children’s lives.

My mother and I were very close so when she told me of a wonderful experience she had with mediation and how it felt for her like a movie I was very intrigued. I knew very little about meditation other than you had to sit quietly and do nothing, which felt strange to me. I asked Mom where she had learned to meditate and she told me about the book Revolution for Within by Gloria Steinman. The book intrigued me as it was about how to find our inner wisdom and part of the journey was suggested meditations at the back of the book. I was quite skeptical, I had never meditated and thought sitting quietly with my eyes closed would be a waster of time. In my job I was proud of being someone who got the job done, and enjoyed being organized and efficient.


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