White Buffalo Calf Woman Celebrate Nature

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Celebrate Nature and Receive the Rainbow Light

Published Sedona Journal

June 2021

white buffalo calf woman daniel eskridge 

The vision I see is an open prairie landscape with tall grass gently swaying in the summer breeze. On the horizon is a beautiful rainbow archway extending over the land; the air is moist and humid after a light rain. Emerging from the rainbow light is White Buffalo Calf Woman and she asks each of you to hold out the palms of your hands and she offers you the gifs of rainbow light.  


White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks:

Welcome rainbow light warriors I ask you to focus and trust in your journey forward your intention and availability is needed upon the planet in these changing times. Your Mother Earth is in labour and it may feel as though you can feel the contractions of the birthing. This may show up as huge emotional turmoil as the energy gets intense upon the planet as you and your earth mother is experience the re-setting. You will also notice the calm between the intense energies very like a mother giving birth to a baby and the pause in the contractions. There is ebb and flow upon the Mother Earth as the re-set occurs and the birth of a new awareness and a new consciousness is being born within you all.

 I encourage you to allow the emotions to release as they surface, let the tears flow if that is what is needed. Self- care is essential in these times, rest when the energies are intense, support yourself in any way that will nourish your body mind and soul. Walk upon the land; focus on gratitude for the beauty that is there for you to notice. Observe the winged ones as they build their nests and care for their fledglings. Appreciate the beauty of the trees as they come into the sweetness of their summer glory.

It will be Summer Solstice in this month of June so take some time to enjoy a Summer Solstice ceremony to honor your journey upon this beautiful planet. When you do ceremony you are able to commune with the ancestors and the spirits of your land creating strong connections to the nature spirts and devas of the land you live upon.

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Summer Solstice Ceremony:

 To honor the light and align your energy to the spirits of your land I suggest a water ceremony. In this beautiful month of June make your way to a body of water, a creek, river, lake or ocean. Bring some flowers to the water, flowers from your garden or ones you have picked upon the land. Flowers are captured light they have absorbed the rays of the sunlight and are full of life force. When you do ceremony with flowers you are working with the nature spirits who supported the growth of the flowers.

I invite you to bring your inner child like wonder to the ceremony, have fun be light and full of joy. Create a sacred ceremony to the Sun, Water, Air and Earth that will feel enjoyable, sacred and meaningful to you. You may choose to breathe your prayers into the flowers and toss them into the water allowing the water elementals to play with the flower energy and observe as the flowers float upon the water. You may feel called to create a flower mandala upon the shore of the water and leave this token of prayer to be tossed by the wind and sink into the earth.

You may want to play a drum and sing some songs, play a flute or just sit quietly and observe the flowers and water. This ceremony will be from your heart to the elements of the land in honor of Summer Solstice. The most important ingredient is your love, focus and availability to commune with nature.

Where ever you live upon the Mother Earth you can and do make a difference your energy love, and light feeds the land you reside upon. When you do ceremony you are joining thousands of other individuals that will also be honoring the Summer Solstice and together you make a difference.

If you are truly unable to go to a place in nature I suggest you fill a bowl with water and place some flowers in the bowl and then close your eyes and envision bodies of water you have visited in your life and offer prayers of gratitude to these water ways.

Rainbow Light:rainbow

I give each of you the gift of the rainbow light and ask you to honor your spirit that resides in your body. To be a spirit having a human experience is a much coveted opportunity throughout the universe. The rainbow light is given intentionally and signifies your connection to the rays of light within the universe that support your earthly journey. Let me explain further the gift of the rainbow light.

The colour red supports you as you walk upon the earth and helps you to feel safe and grounded here on earth it is your ancient connection to the deep and solid mother earth energy.

Orange is such a glorious colour to embrace within your sacral honoring your creativity and if you are a woman your life giving capacity.

Yellow and we come to your solar plexus and your connection to the sun power and strength breathe in the heat and light of the sun to the midpoint of your body and let your strength and power shine forth.

Breathe in the green light the colour of the trees, grass into your heart and align your heart beat with the heartbeat of the Mother Earth.

Vibrant blue, sky blue lift your throat to the sky and open this bridge between the head and heart to support you speaking your truth and allow the energy to flow seamlessly.

The indigo light of the third eye activates your intuition and knowing and allows you to trust in your connection to the divine.

The royal purple is for your crown the top of your head where your spirit light flows into your body.

Just above your physical body is the white light of the eighth chakra and here your soul light holds all the knowing and wisdom of who you are and ever have been, like a sparkling shining light of the starlit sky.

You truly are rainbow warriors and I thank you for choosing to come back to this earth at this time.

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Submitted by Therese Dorer

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