My Spirtual Journey

My Spiritual Journey


Therese Dorer


Published in the April 2006 Sedona Journal of Emergence



My journey into the invisible realms began with the death of my father in 1993. This was my first experience with the death of a close loved one, and it left me with many unanswered questions to ponder. I began to explore the world of meditation using the suggested meditations in the book Revolution from Within by Gloria Steinem. One of the suggested meditations in Steinem’s book was to journey to meet your child like self. I followed the format in the book, and to my delight and amazement I “saw” my little one dressed in my favorite dress, she had blonde hair and blue eyes, and looked to be about three years old. When I saw her it was like experiencing a movie, only I was in the movie as the camera and I could interact with her. I will never forget the clarity with which I came upon her and felt the need to explain that our Daddy had died. The three year old looked at me and said

“ My Daddy is alive,” and she proceeded to share with me memories that were long forgotten of a kinder sweeter father whom I had lost touch with over the years. I saw and felt Dad and I riding on the tractor, heard my fathers gentle voice telling me stories, and peeked into the world of the three year olds’ memories. The intensity and healing that came forth amazed me. I was hooked, if I could see and hear to this degree what else was waiting for me in this wonderland of meditation.

The other suggested meditation in the Steinem book was to journey to meet your older self. This journey took me to a pathway in an old growth forest and as I walked down the pathway before me was a woman who looked similar to me but she was older and the energy felt much more solid and wiser, I asked her name and she told me she was Joy.

I continued to seek out Joy to ask about life issues, and I continued to see my father in meditation and began heal our relationship in the invisible realms. My father had been a fighter pilot in World War Two, and he would come to me, and say “lets go flying together”. So I would say yes and off we would go flying high over the valley I call my home. These encounters always left me feeling excited, refreshed and full of joy.

One day I went with Joy and she took me to a place in the forest that I had not been to and there on a stump was an old woman. I was so surprised to see this wrinkled old face smiling back at me that I immediately came out of meditation. It seemed so surreal for me to have a being in my world of meditation. I did not know her and I had not imagined her or made her up so I was startled. In the next encounter with the old woman I asked her name and she said, “I am Wise One”. Thus began my relationship with one of my most precious Spirit Guides.


At this point in my life I had no belief or understanding of Spirit Guides. I had read the Eagle and the Rose by Rosemary Altea but I thought that a Spirit Guide was for the very gifted and not for someone as ordinary as me.

My life as a mother of two, and a full time job as a Recreation Coordinator in my city left me very little time or energy to be too curious about my meditations. I used them as a means to relax and help me to sleep. Some nights I would toss and turn and finally get up around three in the morning sit in my living room with a blanket wrapped around me for comfort and warmth, and make the journey up the fireplace in my home, and extend my consciousness up a black tunnel.

When I had relaxed my being sufficiently I would then find the light and come out at a tree stump in my beloved old growth forest. I was so delighted to always be greeted by the fairies. They would fly around me and thank me for coming to visit them. Their enthusiasm and joy was so delightful to sense and feel. I would then make my way along the forest path led by Joy to the place where I would meet with Wise One. When I met with Wise One it was as if no question was too big or small. Her patience for me was never ending and truly a gift of unconditional love.

Years later I had an amazing experience. While attending a workshop, I went for an early morning walk. All of a sudden I realized that I felt and knew that I was in the identical feeling of the old growth forest in my mediation. It truly felt as if I had stepped beyond the veil to find this sweet place. I felt as if I was Joy, the self that I had met in my early meditation. I was certainly older and feeling much wiser and solid in my energy and being.

One day in my sweet spot, which I had come to feel this place of intention was, I saw a young boy sitting with his head in his hands, he looked very alone and afraid. Beside him were two magnificent angels of light. I had never seen anything so luminous in any of my meditations before. I approached the young boy and asked what was wrong, and he told me he did not know where he was. I asked his name and as he gave it to me I realized that it was a young boy who had been missing from my community for about a week. I spoke to him and told him I thought he should go with the two angels, he said “But I don’t know them”. I kept encouraging him to go with the light beings and finally he said ok. The most amazing staircase of light unfolded and the angels took the young boy up to the white light.

I was dumbfounded; this was the first encounter in my meditation world, where I felt I had not been orchestrating the visuals I was seeing. I wanted to believe before but this was huge for me. In our world the boy’s body had not been found, so I went again and asked to see him and ask what happened to him. He showed me that he fell in the creek and tumbled down the waterway. He was concerned that no one knew where he was, and he missed his family. The next day was Mother’s Day and the boy’s body was found at the bottom of the creek and his bike was at the top of the waterway. Later I was able to meet his former schoolteacher and she filled me in on some of this young man’s history. When he was upset he always put his head in his hands, and he did run away from home at times but always came home aware that he did not want his Mom to worry.

This experience pushed my level of belief and acceptance of my meditations.

By the summer of 1998 and the meditations had taken a life of their own. I decided to go and see a woman who was clairvoyant. My experience with readings was very limited but as I drove into town to experience this one it felt very big and exciting and it was.

The feeling for me was as if my Crown Chakra was blasted open, I felt dizzy and overwhelmed, and although I was told that there was much more for me to experience and know, I struggled to believe and put the information into a frame of reference my logical mind could assimilate. Welcome to the world of getting your logic or ego out of the way. Fortunately I was about to begin my holidays and so the process began for a new acceptance of my interactions with the invisible ones.

My first experience was to have many loved ones from the other side come to me with messages for their family and friends.

I felt overwhelmed excited and amazed. I began by doing readings for my immediate circle of family and friends and to my wonderment for each person who came to see me I saw a different being that came to share. I finally realized I was seeing the personal spirit helper for each of the people that came to see me. I was transfixed by the variety of guides and the clarity and wisdom that was able to come forth. I was aware that these beings were not from my understanding of the world as they brought forth advice and wisdom that I did not readily have a frame of reference for, and yet I could feel the wisdom of their words. To this day I continue to be fascinated by the various Spirit Guides that come to my line of vision and knowing, to share the insights from the highest realms.

I would like to explain some of the wondrous beings that I have seen while partnership with spirit. I have encountered amazing Warrior Guides that manifest as Native warriors, and sometimes as Roman Soldiers. These beings tell me they come forward to help the client move forward and for strength and personal power. Their gentle kind advice always amazes and astounds me.

For some clients I see Nature Spirits, these little ones usually show themselves in a forest and appear as old women, with wrinkled faces and an amazing sense of humor and wisdom. They delight me with their forthright understandings, for the clients.

The Angel Guides that I see are indeed magnificent and I call them Angel Guides as they tell me they have never incarnated upon the earth realm. They bring forth the most wondrous energy of love, compassion, and support. The feelings I receive from these beings of light can only be explained as a piece of silk in the wind. The voice I hear from these angelic beings is comparable to beautiful chimes, playing on the wind streams.



Spiritual Advisers show themselves like wizards in long robes and sometimes they carry a staff, and always these beings bring forth gentle kind ancient wisdom. They usually tell me they are from a council of light and bring forth the highest of truth, love and light.

The energies of the Earth Mothers I have been blessed to encounter are energies that come forward as huge beings, with hands, and arms outstretched. These Divine Feminine Divas always bring a feeling of being safe, loved and honored.

Ascended Masters:

One of the ways I love to feel the energy of spirit is to go for walks by a wonderful river that is close by my home. One day I was by the river and I felt the most exquisite white light energy with a tinge of pink. One of the ways I can describe it is like a fine china porcelain teacup, and I felt so loved that the tears flowed freely from my eyes although I was not sad. This amazing being told me she was Quan Yin! She began her teachings to me by speaking of nurturing our personal spiritual gardens, which are an integral part of our whole being. She spoke of compassion and showed me the interconnectedness of all human kind. Although I felt blessed and honored by this magnificent being, I also felt very inadequate to receive this energy or even believe that it was possible to connect with such an amazing master.

From my place of doubt I asked for a third dimensional affirmation that would help me to trust in my exchange with this gracious entity. I had never done this before, doubted or asked for confirmation but this felt so huge I needed some concrete understanding that I was not making it up. The next day I went to the mailbox and in the mail and was a card from a client with the most beautiful picture of Quan Yin.



My reaction was immediate, tears of gratitude flowed as I realized the immediacy of the affirmation for me. My first encounter with White Buffalo Calf Woman was equally life changing. On one of my walks I saw a white shaft of light, and emerging from the light was a beautiful young native woman, she then turned into a more mature woman, and finally an old crone with white hair. Thus her lesson that day was the need to engage in a variety of life experiences, and stages, of life and each of these stages affords us the opportunity for growth. She told me wondrous things about the land and our interconnectedness to all. I felt so blessed, and again there were many tears. I asked for a confirmation from her as well, for I was still in the “can this be true” phase of my spiritual journey. About two days later my husband and I were driving and he said, “WOW look at all the buffalo in that field I have never seen them before”. Neither had I but I was thrilled to see them that day.


Mother Mary is the most gracious and amazing being to touch into. She came to my readings and channeling that I did for small groups of people and right from the very beginning I established a unique and special relationship with this energy. Mother Mary so freely gives her words of wisdom and in my understanding She truly holds the energy of Mother for the world.


Archangel Michael is a magnificent being to feel and access and there is rarely any doubt that you have touched in to a powerhouse of warrior energy and strength. I am so grateful to be able to call upon Michael and his entourage and feel his love and support as I go about my daily life.


Master Kuthumi has been a source of information and wisdom when it comes to world affairs. For me he always comes with the visual as a sheik in the desert and a landscape of blowing sand in a seemly hot environment. From there I feel his strength as he guides me through complicated explanations about this world we live in.



Personal Choices:

A turning point for me came in 2002 when I decided to leave my full time job of 25 years and trust in Spirit and the journeys we were to make together. This decision for a woman with the sun sign of Taurus, who did not embrace change easily and who was always concerned over her financial security was a huge decision. I had a lot of encouragement from the guides, but of course it is in this human world that we must make the move toward our own destiny.

One of the most amazing things I learned from making this decision is that truly we cannot always see the bigger picture for ourselves. In 1996 I remember asking Wise One my spirit guide “when can I leave my job’? I was told in meditation that what I was doing: meditating was what I needed to do to create a change. This answer left me very unsatisfied as I could not see logically how meditating in the meadow could be life changing. Oh Therese how little you know? How patient our guides must be, to hold the vision for us while we go through our human doubts and foibles.

My decision to partner with Spirit full time has been amazing. I do personal consultations for many wonderful clients all over North America, and have embraced the Shamanic Journey from the Inca in Peru, and I am a full mesa carrier. This has been a wonderful path for me as my love of the Mother Earth, or Pacha Mama as the Inca call her, is very rich and deep. I have felt supported and grounded by the ancient understandings that have been so graciously shared by the Quero from Peru.

I have been blessed to travel to Peru, and pursue learning at workshops, teaching my own workshops, and provide healing s for clients.

The daily interactions with the Divine give me perspective which of course spills over to my role as a mother of two daughters, and wife to a wonderful husband, and sister, auntie, friend, and cousin. The tentative forays into the invisible realms through meditation have opened up a world of wonder and joy for me. I would encourage everyone to allow their spirit to soar to these realms of wonder. I do not believe this interaction with spirit is proprietary. Instead, I feel that with intention and child like wonder, the door to the invisible realms is just behind your eyes.


Thank You for you interest in my story Therese Dorer




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Spirit Guides to Discover:
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Over the years it has been my delight and honor to connect with hundreds of Spirit Guides for clients who trusted me to connect for them. I have been amazed and delighted at the wisdom that pours forth. Recently I have been musing about spiritual connections and how spirit can support us, with this in mind I asked Red Eagle a trusted ally in spirit the question below.

Red Eagle can you explain about Spirit Guides and how they support us here on the earth realm?

Red Eagle Speaks:

It is with delight I come forth this day to speak to you today. The connection between you and your spirit guides begins with your heart, and is a long standing relationship that you choose when you reincarnated upon earth. To offer up the services of being a guide is an honor and privilege, the advantage we have from this side of the veil is that we view the human experience from both sides of the story.

Whereas when you come to earth as a human you are limited by human experience and many of you have to search and trust to find your spiritual connections. We hold the energy for you as you make your way back to trusting in the divinity of your being on your life journey.


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