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The Grid of Light


Published Sedona Journal of Emergence August 2011


I see Master Kuthumi holding the earth in his hands, a web of light extends over the earth, the web is in triangle shapes and in each corner of the triangle a bright star shines. This lattice grid shines and emanates a huge light and a sentiment of peace and understanding.

Master Kuthumi speaks - You are the light Grid:

Welcome my fellow light beings! It is with great joy I come forth this day to speak with you. The grid of light I have shown Therese is very intentional; I created this vision to explain the times you find yourselves to be in.

This year of 2011 is one of endings and beginnings, the end of the old paradigms and the beginning of the new energy you have been promised. I understand you have been waiting a long time for the changes, and we applaud you for your patience and resilience. It has been a journey of trust, and a time to clear old energies and an opportunity to embrace the new. You may notice that many of your fellow humans are still going through much clearing and changing. I encourage you to offer these beings compassion and understanding; this is the gift you can extend to one another in these changing times. Remember this is their soul journey, not yours, so it is imperative that you do not get caught in the chaos and confusion that they may be experiencing. Your support can be to hold space for the unfolding of their wings, not to go into the pit of despair with them.

stein-valleyThe light grid I have shown you this day surrounds your beloved Mother Earth, this is the grid that each of you with your prayers, rituals, and ceremonies have created. Your intentional energy of love and compassion has fed this web of light and strengthened the energy that surrounds the earth. There is much gratitude for each of you that have awakened from the dream and heard the call from your higher selves. Your intention is felt and heard at this level and the strength of this light grid is a tribute to each of you who have chosen to raise your vibration and embrace your knowing.

It is not important how you embrace your connection with spirit, shamanism, the honoring of the Buddha, the path of Jesus Christ as your savior, or the folloing of the Islamic Koran.

Each of you have lived thousands of incarnations and in these lifetimes you have been all embraced various paths of religion and philosophy, what is important is to open your heart to accept more of your soul light into your body.

The light grid supports the Mother Earth as she goes through her changes, and each of you has a connection to this web. The star of light that connects each triangle is your energy, as you anchor your prayers and love to this star light; it then connects you to the whole, creating the grid of light surrounding the earth, this is why you came to earth at this time my brave souls.


Trust in your Journey:

I encourage you to trust in your journey, we understand this journey has taken you into the vast unknown and we applaud your courage. When the call was made for souls to incarnate into this time you were first to sign up, even though you did not know the outcome of where the earth was going or how these transformations were going to occur.

The souls that have departed the earth plane also signed up for their journey and as they have passed over through earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, and other earth shifting they have been honored on this side of the veil. I assure you they are safe and they all send you love and gratitude for the out pouring of compassion that you have displayed on their behalf. This compassion and love extended from the earth family has strengthened the light grid. There is much gratitude for the prayers and love you have displayed.

There is also a strong urgency for you not to go into extreme sadness at the passing of your loved ones or go to fear as the Mother Earth shifts and changes, all is as it should be my dearest ones, and we ask you to trust this.

The Mother Earth will continue to shift and change and with these changes you all make your way into the new energy. As these changes occur you are reminded to source to your wisdom and not go into micro managing the unfolding of your lives. You have done all you can and we ask you to stay centered and stand tall in your strength and power.

Notice when you give your power away, wither that is to the media, that bombards you with information that your mind is quick to absorb, or when you get caught in the critical voice towards yourself.

Your minds will crave information to try to make sense of what is occurring around the world at large, and in your own personal realm. It may be seductive to want to read more, learn more, and seek answers externally.

I caution you in this regard for you will not find the truth in the external realms. The wisdom you seek is in your inner being, it is in your heart.

You were born with this wisdom; it has always been there for you, like a diamond waiting to be discovered in your own back yard. It is not out there, it is right here in your heart my dear ones.

humming-bird-5To access the Wisdom:

To access this wisdom it is important to meditate, create sacred space in your homes and gardens, and visit parks, and places of beauty this will encourage your heart to give up the seeds of wisdom, you brought from past lives, and your soul source. Now is the time of fruition when the seeds are ready to flourish and bloom into personal power.

Take time to be with pets, with children, these earth children have not lost their connection to the child like wonder, and can be the key to open hearted communication and joy.

The humming bird is an archetype that holds the energy of joy and wonder as she returns from her impossible journey from South America, and flies to North America and she brings with her promise and joy, She comes to the north to bring the gift of drinking directly from the nectar of life as seamlessly and easily as she drinks from the flowers in your garden. Heed this little warrior of the skies as she has much to teach you.

aupu-pucatunson-2008Each of you incarnated upon the earth to hold your light in the grid of light. The sacred sites of Chichen Itza, Machu Pichu, Stonehenge, and the great Pyramids of Egypt were built by you in past lives to connect the sacred energy lines. These energy lines keep the matrix of the planet in tact and allow for spirit to provide support and insights for earth. These sacred sites also help the earth vibration continue at a higher frequency, and allow you to connect to the soul essence of your being.

You choose to come back and brought with you the light you carry within and became, moving sacred beings upon the earth. By agreeing to come back in human form and having free will, you carry the light upon the earth, and have created a new matrix of light and sacred space to support the earth in her transformations. Where ever you live, travel you are a beacon of light for the earth and are connected to the light grid that surrounds the earth. This is why we honor you and ask you to trust in the unfolding of your becoming.

So with love and respect I once again encourage you to live in your heart and trust in your journey upon the earth.

I am Master Kuthumi


Brought through Therese Dorer

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Spirit Guides to Discover:
June 2024



Over the years it has been my delight and honor to connect with hundreds of Spirit Guides for clients who trusted me to connect for them. I have been amazed and delighted at the wisdom that pours forth. Recently I have been musing about spiritual connections and how spirit can support us, with this in mind I asked Red Eagle a trusted ally in spirit the question below.

Red Eagle can you explain about Spirit Guides and how they support us here on the earth realm?

Red Eagle Speaks:

It is with delight I come forth this day to speak to you today. The connection between you and your spirit guides begins with your heart, and is a long standing relationship that you choose when you reincarnated upon earth. To offer up the services of being a guide is an honor and privilege, the advantage we have from this side of the veil is that we view the human experience from both sides of the story.

Whereas when you come to earth as a human you are limited by human experience and many of you have to search and trust to find your spiritual connections. We hold the energy for you as you make your way back to trusting in the divinity of your being on your life journey.


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