White Buffalo Woman 2004

White Buffalo Calf Woman


Sedona Journal October 2004

Brought through Therese Dorer


Coming forward to my consciousness is an amazing shaft of pure white light, I see it as if it comes down from the heavens above and it is the energy of White Buffalo Calf Woman. She comes forward for all reading these words and holds out her hands and shapes them in a cup. Flowing from this cup is a pool of clean, clear energy. She the lets the water flow from the cup of her hands and a I see a beautiful stream of energy flow to the Mother Earth.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks:

Most blessed ones of the earth realm, I come forward today with a message of hope, and wonder. I ask each of you to know and trust that you hold the energy of the transformation of the earth in your hands. You are the seed holders of the energy which will come forth in the days to come. Within your beings are the templates for transformation for each of you and for humankind. I understand this may feel overwhelming to some of you, and impossible to others. To better understand this message I ask you to go into the perceptual state of the Eagle. Allow your energy to go higher and let go of the logical micro- managing that encompasses so much of your earth walk. When you allow your being to be in a state of wonder and delight, you truly lighten your energy and raise your vibration, so that you are better able to receive the messages from beyond the veil, and the heavy dense energy has no place to stick too. To allow your being to be in the flow of the lighter energy I suggest that this truly is the time to provide yourself with some time to “just be” to dance, sing, paint, muse and allow your authentic self to shine through.

There are many understandings of energy on your planet. I ask you to know and trust that each of you have the ability, and power to change your lives. To be aware of the energy that flows through your being, and the energy which is all around you, generated by your fellow humans, plants, flowers, trees and animals, is very important at this time.

You can create your own toxic environment, or you can choose to have a journey upon the earth that is clear, clean and free from the heavy dense energy of doubt, fear, guilt and worry. When you choose to engage in this heavy energy it lowers your vibration and absolutely does not take you to the highest potential of your being. As you are the seed holders for the transformational energy it is incumbent on each of you to make a conscious decision to release yourself from the bonds of self -sabotage. Now is the time to release the old energy and stories that have kept you stuck for so long. Pay attention to your thoughts and stream of consciousness. Are there old voices in your mind that no longer serve you, telling you that you are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough? Now is certainly the time to tune into a higher voice and understanding for self. For truly you cannot serve the world if you cannot serve yourself first.

White Buffalo Calf Woman shows me a huge buffalo! It is coming toward me across the prairie she shows me the magnificence of this amazing animal. She shows me the buffalo is powerful symbol from spirit.

The buffalo came to the people to give her body, for meat, hide, hoofs, and bones, the people understood the gift and used all parts of the abundance that was gifted to them by Great Spirit. When the energy changed upon the planet, the buffalo was hunted to extinction; it was with the energy of greed and the loss of understanding to have gratitude to spirit for the abundance. It was a time of loosing the connection to the understanding of reciprocity with the Mother Earth.

The time of honoring the Mother, and all who walk upon her is back. Learn from Buffalo my dearest ones, it is not necessary to give, and give until you are depleted of energy, and all your resources. I ask you to drink directly from Great Spirit and fill your being, and then you can begin the journey of giving to your fellow humans. It is the time of reciprocity.

Finding time in your lives to feel the energy from Mother Earth, listen to the birds, soak in a sunrise, or sunset, feel the love from the magnificent trees, which grow upon your planet.

Your Earth is one of the most amazing jewel in the crown of the Divine, and you dearest ones have been chosen, and have chosen to live in this magnificent realm in the universe. When you go into the eagle perception, you are able to “see” the bigger picture of the streams, lakes, oceans, and mountains. I ask you to align your energy with the natural wonders of the world that are before you. As you step outside your homes, and on to the Mother Earth and choose to breathe in the beauty you are truly aligning yourself with the divine. There is no magical formula to connecting with the spirit that is all around you, you are simply asked to show up and be present. If you can give yourself an opportunity to be present for a portion of time each day to touch into the spirit of Mother Earth you will be transformed and rejuvenated.

Take time to ponder the wonder of a blade of grass. Gaze into the heart of a flower. There are universes within universes and you my dear ones are only one part of the grand design. This is not to underestimate your role here but as you to move out of your microcosm understanding and allow the bigger picture to unfold, you will find a whole new and amazing understanding of your role on earth and your journey thus far. Dare to dream my dearest ones, dream of where you want to go on your journey here and know and trust that this is possible. Allow your spirit to soar with the eagles high above the mountaintops, and ponder the highest destiny for self.

This is truly the dance of the eagle to soar to the highest of heights, and see the bigger picture, and then disassemble a carcass of meat to sustain the hunger inside.

eagles in nest 2

For you too are invited to detach from your story, and disengage from the mundane, and take your destiny to the highest of places. This dance of the eagle is by no means an easy journey but one I assure you is full of adventure and amazing possibilities. So I ask you connect with the highest divine order for self, dare to believe you are worth it. Ask yourself the difficult questions. Is this old story of being a victim still important? Does it matter what others think of you? Do I still need to hold on to this hurt from my past? The magnificence of who you can be is calling to you and awaiting your reply.

White Buffalo Calf Woman takes us to a place of beauty. It is in a beautiful forest with lush green trees and a brook flowing near by. She places a blanket on the ground and invites each of you to join her in the place of reverie. She takes her bundle out and opens it up, and for each of you she has gifts.

Dear ones I have gifts for each of you, I ask you to trust your intuition to know which gifts are for you. The first gift is a feather, this is for those of you that need some help to lighten your load on earth. Take this gift and notice the light, airy texture that the feather holds, and allow your being to be transformed to the lighter feeling. If a bird did not believe they could fly they could not. If you do not believe you can do it then you cannot. The gift of the feather is the gift of belief in self.

The next item in the bundle is a seed; this is for the seed holders, the holders of knowledge, intuitive gifts, healers. I thank you for trusting in your partnership with spirit and for passing on the love through your gifts of healing and words of wisdom.

For the teachers, and parents I give you the gift of wolf. Align your energy with this powerful animal totem. For wolf is teacher, loyalty and most importantly boundaries. For anyone who aspires to be a teacher, or parent it is important not to loose yourself in the process of giving and being the strong role model that you are.

For those needing to have a clean sweep I give you the gift of a cedar bough. This bough is to help you cleanse and sweep the energy from your life that no longer serves you.

For all of you reading these words I give ask you to hold out the palms of your hands and feel the next gift. It is the gift of the sacred pipe! The bowl of the pipe is the symbol of the womb of the feminine, and the stem is the symbol of the masculine energy. The joining of the female and male energy upon your planet at this time is the sacred union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Both are needed for the sacred harmony of all. I invite you to embrace both aspects of your being. When the pipe is lit in ceremony it then gives off the smoke, with is procured by the breath. The symbolism of this is that your breath is connected to the sacred Divine and by joining the Male and Female you experience the Divine Oneness of all.

It is in the Divine Oneness that you will find the seed of your soul.

You each came from the Divine One and will make your way back to the core of it. This grand experience of being human is but a part of who you really are. Your courage to embody the physicality of your being is applauded. For it is in the physical that the soul can be made visible. You are the physical personification of the Divine One. A seed is just a seed until it is planted and becomes, a flower or a tree. To bring forth the seed of the Divine in physical form is the greatest gift you can give. You are the divine in physical form.

I thank you for this time of intention, and remind you to hold close to your heart your becoming. For you truly are moving into mastery upon the Mother Earth.

All my relations

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman ©

Brought forth through

Therese Dorer

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Spirit Guides to Discover:
June 2024



Over the years it has been my delight and honor to connect with hundreds of Spirit Guides for clients who trusted me to connect for them. I have been amazed and delighted at the wisdom that pours forth. Recently I have been musing about spiritual connections and how spirit can support us, with this in mind I asked Red Eagle a trusted ally in spirit the question below.

Red Eagle can you explain about Spirit Guides and how they support us here on the earth realm?

Red Eagle Speaks:

It is with delight I come forth this day to speak to you today. The connection between you and your spirit guides begins with your heart, and is a long standing relationship that you choose when you reincarnated upon earth. To offer up the services of being a guide is an honor and privilege, the advantage we have from this side of the veil is that we view the human experience from both sides of the story.

Whereas when you come to earth as a human you are limited by human experience and many of you have to search and trust to find your spiritual connections. We hold the energy for you as you make your way back to trusting in the divinity of your being on your life journey.



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