Quan Yin Riding the White Dragon of Compassion

Quan Yin

Riding the White Dragon of Compassion

Through Therese Dorer

 Published Sedona Journal May 2010


I see a vision of a white mist that swirls in the cobalt blue sky, as I attune to the mist I notice it becomes a huge white dragon that swirls and appears to glide across the sky, the scales of the dragon shimmer in the sun light. I then see Quan Yin riding the back of the dragon and it appears as if her energy is one with the dragon as it dances through the sky.

Quan Yin Speaks:

Your compassion is needed upon the Mother Earth

Welcome my dearest ones; it is with great gratitude and love I come before you this day. I would like to thank you for taking the time to hear my words. I would like to speak to you of compassion, for it is imperative that you allow the expression of compassion to pour from your hearts towards the world at this time.

These are changing times upon the earth, times with earth quakes, flooding and a huge cleansing of your Mother Earth. Many of your fellow companions on the earth are in fear and unrest and so I ask you to open your hearts and send them compassion.

Stop for a moment and tune into the energy of compassion, feel it deep in your heart. Notice that this energy is very different from the energy of feeling sorry for someone, to feel sorry for someone is to see them in a lesser light than you.

I ask you to stop and tune into the energy of feeling sorry, notice this energy carries a lower vibration. Now I ask you to allow compassion to come forth, open your heart to your fellow human beings and send the purest of unconditional love that you can embody.

The White Dragon is the Milky Way

I come to you today riding on the back of the White Dragon. This is the time of the dragon energy to be made visible on your planet. The White Dragon is a symbol of the Milky Way that swirls in your night sky, as you gaze upon the Milky Way notice it is full of star dust and energy matter. From this vast unknown your body was created, you are formed from the star dust of the Milky Way and so you embody the energy of the Milky Way.

Your eyes, skin, bones muscles and blood came from star dust. This swirling mass of consciousness is connected to you and as the changes are felt upon the Mother Earth there are also many changes occurring at the universal level.

The vision of riding the White Dragon is intentional it gives you a visual of what will support you as you are being asked to ride the wave into the unknown. You are encouraged to be fluid with your energy, as if you were riding a huge dragon across the night sky, do not hang on to an old story of hurt or disappointment, notice if you have taken a position on something and are being inflexible, this will keep you stuck and in this time of change, only those who allow for a fluidity in their lives will create the energy needed to navigate these shifting times.

This is an opportunity to ride the wave of the Milky Way to take the chance to dive into the unknown and this will allow you to be in the state of not knowing.quan yin dragon 2

The gift of not knowing the answers opens the door to possibilities and allows in the wisdom of the divine and connects you directly to the creator energy. In your western world you are addicted to your intellect, and the logical way of engaging in the world. Your logical mind is a tool that can support you in the mundane but is limited when you are interested in expansive thinking.

The times you are in are better served by sourcing to your heart, allowing compassion and mercy to guide the way rather than your intellectual minds. I encourage you to let go of old judgments of yourself and of others and be curious as to what new worlds are unfolding before you.

I remind you that you signed up for this ride of a life time, which is really a ride of thousands of life times. You have all lived multiple life times and this life is the pinnacle of your being, the opportunity of the millennium. At a soul level you knew that this juncture of the Mother Earth and where she is situated in her processional cycle would be dramatic and exciting time to be alive.

The time is now to release old stories:

To ride the back of a dragon is to dig deep into your soul and ask for courage, I encourage you to reach into the reserves you hold at a soul level and ask for courage to ride the waves that are unfolding on the earth. This is the time to be conscious and allow all old paradigms, and stories that no longer work for you to be shed. The White Dragon can be likened to the Serpent of Light that is making her way upon the belly of the Mother Earth the serpent is shedding her skin, shedding the old energy that no longer serves her, you are called to shed your old stories and energy that no longer serve you.

With this releasing of the old you will notice a feeling of being rejuvenated and connected to the collective wisdom. Never before has there been such an upheaval of energies where the Mother Earth and all of her children are going through the shifts and changes together simultaneously. This is a time of new birth, and the Mother Earth is being re born and so too are all of you my dearest ones. You are not the same beings that you were even one year ago today and there are many more changes, and morphing for you to experience.

The Serpent of Light energy is a huge gift to the Mother Earth and it has laid dormant in the belly of the Mother for thousands of years but now she is on the move. This is evident by the earth quakes and shifts on the crust of the Mother which you are aware of. There is more shifting to occur and I ask you to continue to keep the energy of compassion open in your heart and extended to your fellow spirits who are having a human experience upon this earth.

Some of you will actually be in the eye of the storm and feel the earth move beneath your feet, and others will only be aware of this by the media all of you are asked to not panic and allow your being to dance with the energy of the White Dragon.Garden3

Quan Yin shows me an entrance to a beautiful garden, I walk into the garden through a white garden trellis covered in roses of all colors, pink, white, red, lavender, and peach. Once in the garden I am gifted with a glorious site of smooth clear turquoise colored lagoons, waterfalls, and cherry blossom trees. I feel a sense of peace and loving kindness in this beautiful garden.

Most beloved one there is a spiritual garden waiting for each of you! This garden is grown for you in the invisible realms and the seeds you plant as you make your journey upon the earth feed this garden of intention for you.

You are creating at so many different dimensions, and it is important for you to know and trust that each thought, word and deed you convey on earth is felt and collected in this spiritual garden. I ask you to plant the seeds in your spiritual garden, these seeds can be taking time to love thyself, take time to meditate, drink deeply from the beauty that is visible upon your Mother Earth. Drink in the beauty of the sun rise and sun set, set time aside to just be. These are ways you can strengthen your connection to your soul and feed and nurture you spiritual garden.

I thank each of you for your open hearts and compassion and ask you to feed the world with your seeds of intention and unconditional love.

I am Quan Yin










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White Buffalo Calf Woman

Rainbow Warriors

February 2024


The vision I see is of a vast prairie landscape, walking towards us is a shaft of white light and emerging from the light is a strong vibrant woman dressed in white buckskin, behind her is a beautiful rainbow which illuminates the sky line behind her. She strides towards us with the palms of her hands outstretched and streaming from her hands is an iridescent light.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks:

Welcome children of the earth! It is with delight I come forward to impart to you some words of wisdom and love. Please know you are loved; please know you are not alone at this time. The intensity of the energy being created upon the planet may be showing up as chaos for you and it is imperative that each of you trust that you are supported and cared for. Each of you will be called to trust in your inner wisdom and strength to forge your way forward through this morass of complicated energy’s and challenging times.

Some of you will feel overwhelmed and vulnerable and it may show up in waves of fear. When or if this occurs I ask you to ask “is this my fear or the fear I have taken on from the collective”. Many of you are empaths, light workers and you may be inadvertently allowed this fearful energy into your energy field.



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