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Through Therese Dorer

Published in Sedona March 2006

Follow your heart! We are encouraged to do this all the time by the enlightened ones. But what does this mean in practical every day interactions we face in this world we live in. Many of my insights and messages come to me as I walk by a river close to my home. One morning this new year of 2006 I kept getting the message. Therese drop down into your heart, get out of your head. I must admit to resistance to this and difficulty in maintaining the energy of this. Then when I was able to accomplish it I was gifted by the most spectacular view of the world. I then began to practice this in my every day encounters with family, acquaintances, and the difference was enormous. Today as was walking Mother Mary asked to pass along these words of wisdom.

Mother Mary Speaks:

My dearest ones you are in the year where it will afford you much joy and wisdom to pay attention the your heart energy, and your heart intelligence. Yes your heart has a beautiful wisdom that you access all of the time. My suggestion to you is to allow this wisdom to come forward intentionally as you make your journey into this magnificent world as it unfolds. When you appreciate a flower in a garden it is your heart that is leading the way. When you look into a baby’s eyes and see infinite possibilities it is your heart light that is helping you to see. It is very important to allow that heart light to shine my dear ones. For it is this light that sets you apart from the mundane that threatens to destroy your sense of wonder, take away your dreams. When you allow this light to shine you are also a beacon for others to feel and see that there is more in this world to access than the negative information being fed by the obvious outlets of television, newspapers, and magazines.

My suggestion is to play with this for self. Notice when you are really in your head, the monkey mind is having a full-blown exercise of fun, for example. There is not enough money in my bank account, I am unattractive, I need to loose weight, est. est. I am sure you can find other logical gymnastics to fill in the blanks. Now, STOP and with your breath move into your heart. This may take some time, so I suggest you allow yourself the gift of knowing this can be accomplished. Remember to use your breath to move the energy into your heart. Now feel your heart respond to this and let it shine. Now slowly carefully run the same thoughts gently through the heart energy and notice the difference in how this feels for you. Are you as critical? Does the energy feel softer and kinder? If it still feels harsh and pointy you are still in your head.

I would encourage you to notice, the heart does not judge, you or anyone else. In the heart energy there are no absolutes, this allows for serendipity and a sense of wonder. The heart when it is allowed to thrive and have a relationship with you, gives you the most magnificent gifts of imagination, creativity and the ability to manifest the reality you desire. Why do you think children survive in this world? Quite simply my dear ones they live in the world of heart light, where they understand that anything is possible and that logic is a very adult foible.

The incidents of heart disease in you populace is cause for grave concern for many of you and I ask you to recognize that this is a direct result of shutting down the heart light.

By working long hours, not allowing love into your world, and steadfastly refusing to “lighten up” you are opening the door to huge challenges to affect this primary life force of your body.

To feed the energy of the heart and allow its light to shine even brighter it is important to forgive. The energy of forgiveness is huge, it cleanses the heart so that you can allow in more light into this amazing energy system, which feeds your whole body. Consider the body for a moment. The heart is the “Mother” that supports and feeds the whole system with blood and nourishment. When the heart is compromised by the shadow of anger, resentment doubt, guilt, and worry, it is a huge challenge for the heart to shine and provide the best possible nourishment for the body. Your logical mind may rail and fight that you were right, and that to forgive is weak, it may feel as if this hold on your need to be right is the very thing that keeps you together. But I ask you to consider that to forgive is to let go of this debilitating energy that keeps you stuck.

Imagine the heart as a flower that needs the warm sunshine, the cool refreshing rain to allow it to bloom to the fullest. If you keep the shadow over your heart it is very challenging to feel the full potential of your being unfold.

I ask you to notice if you feel “stuck” in a rut worried what other people think and say about you. All of these symptoms are examples of living in your head and not dropping down into the heart light and love that is waiting for you.

The greatest accomplishments of your world, painters, singers, scientists, mountain climbers, empathetic parents, and loving partners all access the availability of the heart light.

To help you access this Divine light to your heart I would encourage you to go onto the Mother Earth who represents the heart light for the dimension you choose to live in. As you walk upon the Mother, feel the heart beat of her nurturing love for you. Allow yourself the gift of “seeing” your surroundings through your heart light. Feel the wind on your face, delight in the beauty of the trees and drink in the blue sky above. It is not an accident that you live on a planet with the brilliant blue sky. This colour helps you to remember home, it is meant to sooth and cradle you in a bubble of comfort and unconditional love.

Some of you may be interested in the power of the drum, to connect with the drum beat helps you to remember your own rhythm and help you do define for self the rhythm you choose to have in your journey upon the Mother Earth. In your journey it is important to remember you do have a preferred pace that works especially well for you. Finding that pace is a part of the challenge of being human. For each of you it is individual, for some you thrive at keeping your lives full and challenged. For others a slower more sedate pace is absolutely your comfort zone. That is why we are so clear that it is important not to compare yourself with anyone.

For some of you 4 hours of sleep is enough, for others you require 8 hours. It is important to notice if you are following your heart light that you discover for self which rhythm works for your well-being. It cannot be emphasized enough that you are intuitive beings and as you tune into your rhythm you will discover wondrous things about who you are and what you love to do and be.

This way of engaging in the world will bring you closer to your life purpose. Many of you have a nagging feeling,“ is this all there is”? I would answer you NO!

I would also say to you the golden key to transformation resides in your Heart Center and you have the power to access that key my most wonderful ones.

When you are following your heart light, and release yourself from the nagging doubt, guilt, worry and overall self-recrimination, you will be able to, receive the gift of clarity. Going into 2006 it is clarity that will bring you the most amazing strength and sense of purpose. Allowing your intuition to be revealed to you and the world will bring you into present time and many of the debilitating energies that hold you back will dissipate. Imagine if you will you are walking in a forest, there are beautiful old growth trees, forming a canopy that stretches high above the forest floor. You are walking down a pathway and you notice you come to an opening in a mountainside. It is the opening to a cave, you are invited to go into the cave and explore. With some trepidation you venture forth, as you are curious as to where this cave goes. As you get closer you see a spark of light, and notice a candle that is lit and the light from this candle allows you to see inside of the cave. You are curious as there are many candles in this cave but only one is lit. The rest are standing straight and tall and they have never been touched by the light of a match. You are grateful for the one-lit candle for it allows you to see inside this cave. As you sit for a while your eyes adjust to this one candle and then you notice another candle begins to shine, and then another, and another. As the cave fills with light you are amazed and delighted as you are now able to see magnificent cave drawings, and water falls cascading from the rock walls. You become curious and explore this amazing domain.

So my little ones the metaphor for this story is that YOU can be that lit candle. As you do what is best for yourself, and follow your heart light, you provide for others an example to follow your lead. For it is simply the truth that if each human upon the earth opened up their heart light and allowed the full potential of their being to shine, the world would transform overnight. All of the candles would be lit at once and the light from this would truly be transformational. For now I ask you to trust that your ability, to trust and allow your light to shine to the fullest of its potential is providing a beacon of hope for you and for many more that you cannot logically know about.

Once you have allowed the light into your heart you are forever altered and empowered to move forward. The choice is yours to make my dear ones. You hold the key to your transformation.

I come forth with these reminders for I truly trust, honor, and love each of you and admire your courage to come into human form. I remind you these are magnificent times you live in and thank you for hearing these words.

So I ask you to Follow Your Heart Light Dear Ones:


I am Mother Mary ©

Brought Through Therese Dorer

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Over the years it has been my delight and honor to connect with hundreds of Spirit Guides for clients who trusted me to connect for them. I have been amazed and delighted at the wisdom that pours forth. Recently I have been musing about spiritual connections and how spirit can support us, with this in mind I asked Red Eagle a trusted ally in spirit the question below.

Red Eagle can you explain about Spirit Guides and how they support us here on the earth realm?

Red Eagle Speaks:

It is with delight I come forth this day to speak to you today. The connection between you and your spirit guides begins with your heart, and is a long standing relationship that you choose when you reincarnated upon earth. To offer up the services of being a guide is an honor and privilege, the advantage we have from this side of the veil is that we view the human experience from both sides of the story.

Whereas when you come to earth as a human you are limited by human experience and many of you have to search and trust to find your spiritual connections. We hold the energy for you as you make your way back to trusting in the divinity of your being on your life journey.


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