Message from the Wise Ones - Predictions 2012

Message from the Wise Ones
Published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence - December Predictions 2012

Before me I see a vision of a desert, the sand has been sculpted by the wind and forms high sand dunes, in the distance I see a shaft of light moving towards me, and as the light comes closer I see it is Master Kuthumi, his hands are out stretched to all of us who choose to understand these words.
Welcome children of the light I invite you to come with me.
Master Kuthumi takes us across the sand and in the distance we see a crystal palace of light. Master Kuthumi welcomes us; we are escorted into a huge room with a domed ceiling. As we adjust our vision we see that the room is full of Ascended Masters, and Light Beings, a council of Wise Ones has gathered to speak with us this day.

The Wise Ones Speak:
Welcome sons and daughters of the light, we are pleased to speak with you, we have gathered together at this auspicious occasion to congratulate all of you for being on the earth to experience the shift of the ages. You are ready dearest ones for this shift, already you have experienced much change upon the earth, and you should be well pleased for the journey you have made thus far. Each of you has played a part in the unfolding of the story that is happening upon the planet earth. You have played your part well with your family, co-workers and acquaintances, even when they may have frustrated you, pushed your buttons so that you were forced to notice the shadow pieces between you, this has been an essential part of the dream.

The year of 2012 is a milestone for you but of course not the end of the story but the beginning of a new story. The universe has transformed many times, this is but one wrinkle in time, all be it an important wrinkle.

We encourage you to see this as a wondrous opportunity to continue to go forward and allow your spirit to experience all that you can from the life you have chosen upon the planet earth. Your spirit choose to be here at this time, reside in this body, live in the geographical location you live in, all of this was by design. Be curious about your particular window on the world, what do you notice, what delights you, what have you been tolerating that may be clouding your true essence to experience all you intended, when you choose to reincarnate into this life.

2012 is about maintaining the balance of attending to the personal, reveling in all that you enjoy and tasting the sweet nectar of life, while supporting the collective as you move through these times together.

This is a collective shift that is why we have shown Therese the vision of all of the light beings and Ascended Ones meeting together, for truly we are ALL here for you as one collective to support the transformation.

We applaud you light beings for you are the Wise Ones who choose to incarnate at this auspicious time upon the earth. Wither you are 21 chronological years old or 91 you are exactly where you should be for the unfolding.

chalice wellIt is Important to be in Present Time
It is important to be in present time as much as possible, the year of 2012 will be a grand ride and you do not want to miss any of it. Remember who you are and why you came to the earth. You were first in line to make your way, there were many spirits that desired to reside on Pacha Mama during this shift but were unable to make the journey. It is a privilege to be here, we encourage you to take time to appreciate who you are and why you came, this awareness will support you to remember your wisdom and be in present time. Being in present time is your sweet spot the best vantage point in which to experience this year of 2012.
As you ride the wave of 2012 we encourage you to not engage in the drama or negative energy which will surface, this will not serve you and is designed to distract you from your true purpose which is to be a witness to the unfolding of the new energy.
You are the Witness to the Unfolding of the New Energy:
Any great event in history requires a witness; do not underestimate the power of observation. As you notice the beauty of a flower, a swift flowing river, or the magnificence of a snow capped mountain you validate the powerful essence that emanates from nature, and by your awareness and observations you anchor this life force to the earth, and absorb it into your being, thus the river, flower, and mountain become a part of your energy field. This is also true with negative energy the focus of the media on the violence and fear creates a force field that supports the negative energy upon the earth, and this also can be absorbed into your Wiroacocha.
You are the catalyst for change; do NOT underestimate the power you have to support the power of love or engage in fear.

2012 will be a year in which manifesting will be very malleable, there will be no constants, everything will change quickly, being aware of where you choose to put your energy, will serve you personally and support the collective.

2012 May Feel Like a Wild Ride:
The energy of 2012 may feel like a wild ride down a fast moving river but remember you signed up for this and have all of the tools in your basket for the journey. We encourage you to continue to source to the Mother Earth for she is your anchor on this ride of the millennium and she will sustain you. She has gone through many changes in her existence, ice ages, earth quakes and tsunamis she has the ancient knowing to ground you.
The vision of the shifting sand was intentional, you are encouraged to be flexible and maintain your fluidity so that you do not get stuck in a position or paradigms that will stop you from embracing change. The desert is a landscape where anything is possible and it changes every day. This will also be the same with your planet earth anything is possible and change will be the theme.

Self Love is the Key:
To help to facilitate this we extol you to create an atmosphere of self love, this is paramount to the well being of the personal, which in turn supports the collective, as we have said it is the balance of the two that will give you success.Angel Wing
Each grain of sand in the desert creates the whole and so the image of the wind swirling upon the desert and creating sand dunes of change is very germane to the times you are in. Each of you is like one grain of sand and together you are the desert, and so allowing for fluidity and change will take you to the next level.
We are all in the melting pot together, remember not to take a position about your fellow human-beings upon the earth, or judge one another and especially yourselves.
We are here for you, call us by name, invite us into your world, we are your brothers, and sisters of the light, we applaud your courage and tenacity as you walk upon the belly of the Mother Earth.
Thank you for taking the time to visit with us this day.

The Council of Wise Ones
Brought through Therese Dorer

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Master Kuthumi

Published Sedona Journal November 2021

Master Kuthumijpg 2019

The vision I see is a highway of light that leads to a pyramid of crystalline light. The pyramid is vibrant and glowing and emerging from the center of the triangle is Master Kuthumi his hands are outstretched and he blesses all who choose to read these words of love, light and truth for 2022.

Master Kuthumi Speaks:

Beautiful light beings upon earth, courageous souls I have come forth to share with you insights and clarity from the highest realms. I come to each of you holding love, light and truth and ask you to open your hearts to the new expression of light -frequency that is unfolding upon the planet at this auspicious time of 2022. The pyramid of light is a compilation of higher frequency that is being held for you to rejuvenate and you are invited to visit this place in meditation whenever you need to be re-set. We are aware of the density of the energies that you are navigating at this time and so we encourage you all to take the time you need to rise to the higher frequency’s and accept the gift of the crystalline light.

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