Quan Yin - 2009

Conversations with Spirit With Quan Yin


Therese Dorer


Published Sedona Journal of Emergence

August 2009


Coming into my line of vision is a shining white light that comes down like a shaft of light from the heavens and then transforms into a beautiful woman, she stands tall and gracious before me with her hands cupped, streaming from her hands is a flow of light that spills upon the ground and creates a river of light. I ask who she is and I am gifted with the warmth and love of Quan Yin Goddess of Compassion.

Quan Yin Speaks:

Dearest ones I come forth with honor and respect for each of you, I bring you blessings from the highest realms of consciousness, and love from the Divine One that is always available for each of you when you tune into the wisdom of your heart center.

It is to your heart that I direct your attention and intention to this day, for here you will find strength, courage, and all you require for the journey forward into the unfolding times upon your planet. There has never been an opportunity such as this upon your planet. You are being called to connect to your heart; there is wisdom within the heart that must come to the fore at this time. Allowing this wisdom to come forth and being present in your lives will reap you great rewards.

This is not the time for regret of the past or projections to the future, the world you inhabit is in a place of immediacy and the importance of being in present time has never been more evident. Some of you have noticed it is difficult to make long term plans as these plans change on a day to day basis, for the reason that is the matrix around the planet is more malleable than ever before and the opportunity for change is huge.

This time is also about each soul being held accountable for their actions, thoughts, and deeds, and so you may notice that some of your friends and family seem to be struggling with issues that perhaps needed to be attending to for some time.

You may be experiencing the energy of being called to be accountably for your way of being, in a manner you never expected. All of this can feel uncomfortable at times but it is a part of the grand plan of the universe and you are not alone with it.

Along with the chaos some of you are noticing there are great opportunity for huge changes, and an invitation to dream and intend your world into a new reality and consciousness.

Your energy is needed for this unfolding of the new dream and you have come to the planet earth at this time to be a part of the new time which is coming.

When I say you are not alone I ask you to take this literally for there are legions of spirit guides, angels, and arch angels who have signed up for this path of service to assist you in the transformation that is taking place. We only need to be asked and we available to assist and hold space for your healing and transformation.

I would like to get back to the heart for this is the key to your being and the place of wisdom that I would encourage you to activate NOW for the unfolding of your being. The heart is the place where you can know definitively wither you are on the right track. It is connected to your body wisdom and the heart brain has access to the wisdom of your DNA. Placed in your DNA strands are pathways to wisdom which are not bound by consensual reality, so they hold the ancient wisdom of the past, present and future. This is the place of infinite wisdom, where you are able to hold eternity, and the healed state, for yourself and the collective.

Your mind or brain is a good computer to help you drive a car; do your taxes or mange your money. But the mind has limitations it likes to create drama, remembering past injustices, and has a critical voice of worry, doubt, quilt and fear.

It creates a critical voice that at times supersedes the heart wisdom and the mind, loves to remind you of your short comings and does not have the capacity to embrace the larger perspective that is needed at this time of Aquarius.

Many of you have been practicing following your heart and have become very accomplished and have had great success in this way of being in the world. To you I would ask you to be patient with your fellow earth travelers and to pass on you heart wisdom when ever you get the opportunity.

I encourage you that just as the lotus flowers have many petals that unfold, the heart is the same and there is always more for you to discover about this beautiful expression of self. In the heart center are the seeds of the soul waiting to be nurtured so they can come into fruition. This is a delicate and important job that can only be accomplished with the energy of self love.

There is no room here for the critical voice, or heavy handed fear based mythology, it is with the sweet voice and nectar of love that this will open the lotus flower of your heart.

For some this journey to the earth has you feeling disconnected from the heart center and so it feels impossible to trust in the delicate essence that is there. But I encourage you to be patient with yourself and others in the unfolding of this energy and know it will come forward when you take some time to listen and go into stillness.

The words of encouragement I have for you this day is to allow some time to go into the place of stillness and connect with your breath to allow the mind to settle and feel your heart and the wisdom that is held there.

I invite you to go into your personal spiritual garden! Imagine your heart is like a beautiful garden that needs to be nourished, and appreciated. Notice the seeds you plant in this garden, are you able to be grateful to yourself for what you accomplish each day dear ones. The act of appreciation for self brings you into present time and allows the heart center to open. From this place of an open heart for self you can then let the heart extend its loving presence to others and allow them to bring the best of themselves to the relationships that you are in. Conversely if you are constantly critical of your endeavors you will have a greater propensity to be critical of others.


I invite you to call upon me Quan Yin to come into your heart and help you with opening the lotus flower of your heart chakra. I will come to you my precious ones, you only need to ask and I will flood your heart with love and compassion, for that is my reason for being. It is important to know and trust that an open heart is the answer to the worlds concerns.

The vision I see is Quan Yin standing in the moonlight, beside a huge green dragon with shiny scales that glimmer as the light of the moon shine upon them, I ask her why she is showing me this vision.

Dearest ones this mythical dragon has come forth this day to help you with your fears and doubts. In times of old the dragon was feared for its power and fire which spewed from its mouth. I ask you to ignite the dragon within, allow your personal power to be unleashed into the world. Use the archetype of dragon to eat your fears and doubts, allow the fire of this magnificent one to transmute your shadow to light. As you allow your fears to be dissipated by the dragon energy and allow the fire of your spirit to come forth you will notice that you are empowered and rejuvenated.

These mythical beings are beyond the veil of your reality, but the force and power of these archetypes can be called upon and unleashed for your personal transformation. I invite you to call to dragon to come into your dream time and ride the back of this mythical being into the cosmos reuniting with your soul parts and bringing to your waking state the healing and an empowered state of consciousness.

So calling to dragon to empower your heart and breathe new fire into your world.

I thank you for your attention and intention most blessed beings of Mother Earth, I love each of you sweet ones.

I am Quan Yin Goddess of Mercy


Brought through Therese Dorer




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                                                  Therese's Story from the Early Days 

                                                                   The Beginning of the Journey 

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Many people ask me how I began my journey here is a snipit of my story.

The death of my father was my first real encounter with the fragility of life.

This time of my life was full, I was a married  a mother of two children, I had a full time career working at a municipal job. I was overwhelmed by the busy schedule of my life and my children’s lives.

My mother and I were very close so when she told me of a wonderful experience she had with mediation and how it felt for her like a movie I was very intrigued. I knew very little about meditation other than you had to sit quietly and do nothing, which felt strange to me. I asked Mom where she had learned to meditate and she told me about the book Revolution for Within by Gloria Steinman. The book intrigued me as it was about how to find our inner wisdom and part of the journey was suggested meditations at the back of the book. I was quite skeptical, I had never meditated and thought sitting quietly with my eyes closed would be a waster of time. In my job I was proud of being someone who got the job done, and enjoyed being organized and efficient.


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