White Buffalo Calf Woman 2016 The Power of Prayer and Gratitude

The Power of Prayer and Gratitude


White Buffalo Calf Woman

July 2016

Published Sedona September 2016


I am walking through tall prairie grass and a gentle breeze kisses my face and brushes my hair, as I walk I see a huge white buffalo standing on the shimmering prairie landscape. The vision transforms and emerging from the land I see a magnificent being of white light that changes into a woman dressed in white buckskin. It is White Buffalo Calf Woman.

White Buffalo Calf Woman speaks of the Power or Prayer

Welcome children of the earth I come forth today to speak of gratitude, the power of prayer, and the assurance of abundance for all who walk the earth. There is a malaise on the earth which creates an environment of scarcity a mentality that there is not enough. Not enough love, health, money, food, or kindness. This creates fear and greed, clutching of energy from one another which then affirms that, there is not enough.

The Buffalo is a symbol of abundance; in the time of my people we harvested the buffalo creating a sacred contract with the species of the buffalo, an agreement of reciprocity. The buffalo taught us that there is enough. When we harvested a Buffalo we did ceremony, ritual, and prayers of gratitude for the abundance that was provided for our people, from the benevolent Buffalo. All parts of the animal were honored and used by my people. We were aware and grateful for the bounty that Mother Earth provides, and we honored this bounty through the right relationship of prayer and ritual of giving thanks.

Gratitude will support you:

I encourage you to embrace these ancient teachings and knowing to support you, in this time you live upon the earth. Each morning when you rise I ask you to give thanks for the new day, to offer your prayers of gratitude for what you have and what you are willing to receive. This will bring you into present time and provide you with an opportunity to be still, unencumbered by feelings of lack and frustration, that may surface during the day. This power of prayer will grow corn for you. Your spirituality must support you and allow for you to see the power and changes in your everyday life that is what I mean by growing corn for you, does it support you, work for you.

Before you came to this planet and were in spirit form you knew for certain that the Mother Earth would provide for all your needs, and that there was enough love, health, food, and shelter for each spirit who choose to come to the earth. You trusted in the benevolence of the great Gia and knew from past lives the beauty of the planet you were about to reincarnate too.

I ask you to trust in your Spirit and your choice to return to the earth for another life time, and the knowing that you are meant to be here at this time.

Gratitude can support your journey and give you peace and comfort in the present time. I know many of you have many questions as to Why did I come back to the Earth? Why is there so much struggle and strife on the Earth? What is my life purpose? copy of hiking 2012 fall 021

I suggest to you that many of these anxiety’s will calm for you if you take some time upon the land and remember to go into stillness and just be. The land holds wisdom, comfort and peace and will support you, by relieving your fears. Allow your spirit to be soothed by the running water of a river, or the calm reflections on a lake. Sit by the ocean and feel the rhythm of the waves in your blood. Find a tree and allow it to support you in grounding your bones to the ground. Call upon the energy of Buffalo, I offer you this prayer to call in the strength and support that is there for you each day.

Prayer of Gratitude:

Oh Great Buffalo as you stand in the tall prairie grass

With your head bent in prayer

Allow me to stand and pray with you awhile

Let me remember to be grateful and trust in the abundance of the universe.

Buffalo, Oh Great Buffalo, Let me pray with you awhile

Buffalo, OH Great Buffalo Let me pray with you awhile

And so it is

This is the time of the rainbow people:

This is the time of the rainbow people all colours of people are welcome, white, red, black, and yellow each of you is honored and loved as equals. It is time to celebrate the diversity that is offered to each spirit who has incarnated upon the earth. You choose the colour of your skin, eyes, hair for the journey you are now on.

The grand experiment that is Earth, is the school house of diversity, you are from all corners of the universe and star systems and have gathered upon the earth at this time for the awakening of mankind. The ancient people have prophesied these times you now live and you have the privilege of being on the planet for the unfolding of these prophesies. Shamanwoman2

I ask you not to over think your role here, you are important to the whole but I encourage you not to let your ego states create fear and dismay at the world events, this will take away from your journey of life and create fear and distention in your being. When this occurs and you are not able to have your full life force flowing through your body you then begin to create energy lines to others to get energy and like a huge spiders web you create more havoc and disease upon the planet and in your bodies. Keeping your energy body clear, your mind uncluttered with fear, and your body healthy is your job, and this will allow for the most benevolent outcome for the planet, your families, and for your journey upon earth.

Celebrate your Life

I ask you not to apologize for having a good life, a healthy body, a positive continence, by living your life with as much peace and grace you are providing for the whole an energy that feeds the lattice grid that circles the planet.

If you find yourself in a compromised position, with dis-ease in your body or sadness in your heart I ask you to remember you are loved and you are always doing the best that you can. There is NO judgement here for any of you and so I ask you to judge yourselves or each other. Each of you came here and has a purpose and we love each of you as you find your place in the rainbow light.

Abundance is your Birthright:

To remember that abundance is your birthright I ask you to again look to your Mother Earth, she is your most benevolent Mother, providing the food you eat each day, the clothes you wear, the homes you live in all of this is given from the Pacha Mama and her most beatific altruism. As a child of the earth you only need take time to remember you are loved, cradled by your mother and take some time to play, sing, dance, sit, and dream upon her belly. This will fill you with life force and remind you why you choose to return again to this Earthly realm.

It is with love I leave you children of the earth and ask you to embrace the gifts of gratitude, power of prayer, and the promise of abundance.

All my relations

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman

Brought through Therese Dorer


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