Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval a Powerful Healing Modality


While journeying in Peru the Medicine Men and Woman told us Soul Loss is the most important healing work we can do for our well being. I have had the privilege to work with numerous clients to support their journey forward with Soul Retrieval. It is a powerful and important step in achieving our healed state.

What is Soul Loss and how can we notice it below is a check list that can help you track this for yourself

  1. Difficulty being present in your body, feel as if you are outside of your body observing like a movie
  2. Constantly day dreaming of some day
  3. Feel numb apathetic or deadened
  4. Problems with immune system
  5. Chronically ill as a child
  6. No memory or little memory of life after age 5
  7. Struggle with addictions, alcohol food drugs, sex gambling
  8. Look for external ways to fill up
  9. Moving on with your life after death, or divorce of loved one
  10. Multiple personality’s
  11. Depression no joy

 Deep in the Depths of our vast unconscious is where the Soul finds refuge and we can work together to find these pieces and bring them home.Kootney lake

Soul Retrieval is an ancient healing process undertaken by a person trained in Shamanic Healing who is able to enter and navigate the realm of non-ordinary reality for the purpose of retrieving a part of the pure essence, pure life force of the client. This pure essence has splintered off due to some trauma in the person’s life. It is not part of the personality; it does not hold the emotional pain of the trauma. It is pure energy. With its return home to the client and re-integration, the original trauma that caused the part of the soul to seek refuge in non-ordinary reality heals at a very deep level. So deep in fact that often it seems as though a familiar part of your very being is now accessible to you again. Sometimes we do not even know what the original trauma was, only that the client is suffering from a power loss which is indicated by a life that does not allow them to live their full potential. Soul Retrieval can be done with the client and Shaman in the same room or can be done over any distance. 

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