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ThereseThank you to all of the amazing clients who trust in my work and connection with Spirit, with each person I meet I gain a new respect for the amazing Spirits having a human experience who share this journey with me upon our Mother Earth.



Hi Therese 

That is amazing about the bluebirds. It is the bird I take notice of the most. I am ways amazed at the beautiful colour of them. Bluebirds and the humming birds that visit my feeder regularly. You mentioned both. Everywhere I looks today it seems I see willow trees too. I don't know how it's possible for you to do what you do but I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with you.

C Vernon BC 2015

Therese, since arriving home I have used your CD Whispered Wisdom with my youngest child, and he sings your song aloud. He listens to the meditations as he falls asleep or has his rest time in the middle of the day..... it is very precious and your work touches him at the core.
The first night I listened to your Meditation CD I saw and sensed many beings present in my room as I fell asleep after completing the mediation. The Beings arrived during the stone mediation and stayed through the chakra clearing. I got up to turn off the CD after that meditation and felt so supported by these Spirits.... I feel asleep with the support of these Spirit guides.... to actually see them with me was a taste of nectar... a special experience... that awakened a part of me...
S Kelowna July 2012

 I can't even put into words how great your reading was. It seems strange but it almost feels like a weight has been lifted and I have a satisfied and peaceful feeling. I look forward to the recording to listen to again.
T Calgary Alberta Canada

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful meditation today. You are so strong in your guiding us on our journey it gives me a lot of confidence to trust myself in where I need to go and what I need to receive.
So I thank you and look forward to many more opportunities for healing and wisdom with you.
With love and light
S Kamloops BC

I wanted to send you a note to thank you. I am very grateful to know you , you have a beautiufl gift, the time I spent with you changed my life, and my life is better for knowing you. Thank you
N S Calgary Alberta

I subscribe to the Sedona Journal and that is where I came across your wonderfully touching article. Keep bringing the messages, forwarded the article to my friend in Australia and she was as touched by it as I was. Thanks again!
Virginna Beach

Hi Therese,

I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful session I had with you on Monday afternoon.  The messages from my mom and dad were amazing and the healing energy made me feel more relaxed than I have been for months since my dad passed away  Colleen Vancouver 2015

Hi Therese,
I can't thank you enough for that experience yesterday, Therese! I am walking in another world...trying to adjust back to this one. This morning I listened to my cd...I will cherish this forever. It's was interesting to experience the words was more of an observation than the real experience of being there with you and the spirits. The picture now is so clear, I will carry this forever, finally trusting and letting go of fear.
S Kamloops BC

Dear Therese,
It has been awhile now since I had my first spirtual consultant with you, and I actually just finished doing a couple of your meditations off of your CD. What a beautiful CD you have created Therese, and I just wanted to Thank you for sharing it with me!
C Kelowna BC

Thank you for the session and for sharing your wonderful gifts of insight. The CD you provided from the journey has been very helpful as it plays in my car and helps remind me of the teachings I received. I feel very honoured to have shared this experience with you and the noticeable effects that the outcome is having on my life is tremendous. You are a very special gift and I am so grateful that we have had this chance to connect.
J Kamloops BC

I send this message of deep gratitude to you for offering the wonderful workshop Whispered Wisdom, I speak for both my daughter and myself when I say the profound shifting of energies and awareness that came about from our day of work were/are still amazing. The clarity and focus emerging from our work has allowed deep healing to take place.

Thank you, thank you from our hearts to yours.
D&A Kamloops


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