Mother Mary Cup of Kindness 2019

Mother Mary

The Chalice of Love and Kindness


Published Sedona March 2019

 Mother Mary 7

The vision I see is a long dusty road that extends into the horizon, the sun is hot and the road seems long. As I walk down the road I see a woman standing by water well and she offers me a chalice cup filled with cool sweet water. I hold out my hands to receive the chalice and drink deeply, the water is refreshing and I instantly feel rejuvenated, and grateful for this woman and her cup of kindness. I then notice the light expands around this woman and she shows her infinite spiritual beauty and light, it is Mother Mary.

Mother Mary Speaks:

Welcome to all who choose to read these words, it is with unconditional love I come forth to you this day and offer each of you the opportunity to drink deeply from the chalice well of love and kindness. I understand that for many the road of life seems long and stretches before you into uncertainty, at times you feel alone and overwhelmed at the choices to be made and the external struggles of human kind you witness on a daily basis. Many of you are concerned with the well-being of your Mother Earth, the plight of fellow human, their stories and journeys. This can lead to fear, doubt and worry and can feel all-encompassing and insurmountable.

The vision I have gifted Therese is intentional and is intended for all of you, I ask you to pause in your day and know that I am available to you to offer you a rejuvenating cup of kindness and love. You are not alone on this journey there is always support and love to guide you dearest ones.

It is important not to trudge through life with no sense of hope or joy, to be worried and concerned about all manner of circumstances that are beyond your control.

How receptive are you to love:glad

I ask you to notice what you can control, and how receptive you are to opening your heart to the love that is streaming to your earth plane.

As you read these words. I ask you to pause, close your eyes, breathe and allow the love to cascade over your crown chakra and flow into your body. Allow the peace that passes all understanding to enfold you, breathe in this life force of unconditional love into your blood, bones, and muscles, filling and rejuvenating your body. Your body is your sacred chalice, to house your Spirit for your journey upon the Earth.

Love is always here for you, the feeling of being disconnected occurs when you close the portal of your heart.

There is an old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink, it is the same for each of you, we can send you our love, encourage each of you that you are not alone but it is only you that can create the pathways to accepting the love and kindness that is offered to you with each breathe you take and is your birth right. When you allow this love to flow to your heart, you are allowing in life force that feeds your body, mind, and soul.

The Body and Soul:

The experience of being human is a unique and rare gift, and while in human form you have the privilege of embracing three powerful life forms, the body, mind and soul.

Your soul is eternal and you choose to incarnate into the vessel of flesh and blood that you call your body. Your soul has experienced many life times and incarnations in a physical body. Your bodies are from the same beginnings as Mother Earth, and created through love and intention, a miracle of life force, which mirrors other humans upon the planet, your body it is intended to be honored and treated with love and attention.

The Mind:

Housed in your body is your mind, a complex wondrous miracle of memory, imagination, intellect and desires. The human mind especially in the western cultures has created complex and wondrous things through technology and scientific discoveries.

The mind is influenced by the culture, and environment you live in, I would caution you to not believe everything you think about yourself or others. Notice when your mind takes you on patterns of judgement, fear, doubt and worry that do not support your journey to enlightenment. These thought patterns do not benefit the greater good, for you or your community.

When this occurs I encourage you to call upon me and I will be there with you, bringing you the highest light, highest truth, and highest love, to shower you and enfold you.

The Heart:light2

When your spirit chooses to incarnate into your body, you entered with your first breathe as a beautiful infant child. The celebration of the birth of the Christ child is one that many of you are familiar with and hold dear to your hearts. I ask you to trust that the birth of your spirit into a human body of flesh and bone is as sacred and important as the birth of my son Jesus Christ.

The eternal flame of your spirit rests in your heart, creating a shining light that can be your guide as you journey through life. I encourage you to nurture, and support this light, cherish the opportunity to be alive in this world. Start with your own self love and then as this grows you will be able to shine this eternal flame to the world and this will and does make a difference to the whole.

Support this heart flame with words of love and encouragement for self, notice when you are critical of self or others for this will dim your flame and limit the joy and abundance that is your birth right.

The power of the spoken word:

I suggest you begin your day with affirmations of self-love and allow these spoken words to be your guide as you go forth into your day. I suggest you speak these affirmations out loud to feel the resonance of the words in the vibration of your being. The spoken word is powerful and allows the energy of the affirmation to be a gift for you on a personal level, but also for the good of the whole.


I ( your name) allow the highest love from my soul source this day

I ( your name) allow the highest light to shine from my heart this day

I ( your name) allow the highest truth to be my guide this day


I offer you the chalice cup of kindness this day and affirm the power of these affirmations and the promise that you are not alone on this human journey. Drink deeply from this truth beloved souls upon earth; know that I am only a breath away, waiting to shower you with unconditional love.

I am Mother Mary

Brought Through Therese Dorer

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White Buffalo Calf Woman

Rainbow Warriors

February 2024


The vision I see is of a vast prairie landscape, walking towards us is a shaft of white light and emerging from the light is a strong vibrant woman dressed in white buckskin, behind her is a beautiful rainbow which illuminates the sky line behind her. She strides towards us with the palms of her hands outstretched and streaming from her hands is an iridescent light.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks:

Welcome children of the earth! It is with delight I come forward to impart to you some words of wisdom and love. Please know you are loved; please know you are not alone at this time. The intensity of the energy being created upon the planet may be showing up as chaos for you and it is imperative that each of you trust that you are supported and cared for. Each of you will be called to trust in your inner wisdom and strength to forge your way forward through this morass of complicated energy’s and challenging times.

Some of you will feel overwhelmed and vulnerable and it may show up in waves of fear. When or if this occurs I ask you to ask “is this my fear or the fear I have taken on from the collective”. Many of you are empaths, light workers and you may be inadvertently allowed this fearful energy into your energy field.


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