Allowing for Change 2011 - Quan Yin

 Allowing for Change

Published Sedona Journal May 2011


Quan Yin stands at the entrance to a garden beside a beautiful garden gate that is covered in roses of all colours, pink, read orange, yellow and white, she wears a pink kimono, and her arms are extended out with the palms of her hands cupped, in her hands she holds a beautiful pale pink lotus flower. This flower is multilayered and she offers this flower as a gift for the heart to anyone who chooses to embrace the energy of the lotus.Lotus22

Quan Yin SpeaksThe Gift of Compassion:

Children of the light as you progress into this year of 2011 I ask you to maintain open hearts; I offer you the lotus flower as a gift for your heart. The Lotus flower is a multi layered a complex flower that emerges from the dark recess of the ponds, and lagoons. This flower can provide your heart with support which will allow you to transcend from the dark shadows, and find your way to the light. The lotus flower is the symbol of compassion; and the energy of compassion is the second gift I offer you this day. I suggest you embrace compassion and allow it to support your transformation. Compassion carries a vibration that resonates at the highest levels and is sorely needed upon the planet at this time. The Mother Earth and her children are transforming and transmuting into a new configuration, and the gifts I offer will support you as these changes unfold.

The changes must always begin with you, my dearest ones, be gentle with each other, in the Chinese calendar year of the rabbit, an invitation to pursue the gentle, peaceful approach to life, and allow your heart to lead the way. Do not push yourselves; allow the gentle flow of life to unfold.

Water will be important, take time to be near water. Water falls, lakes, rivers and streams will support and remind you of the importance of creating fluidity in your body. Imagine a river flowing uninhibited no dams or blocks to stop the flow. This is how you want the essence of your being to flow through your body, like a river of light, your spirit streaming into your body from your soul level, feeding your body and mind, creating the connection to the body, mind and soul.

I ask you to embrace compassion for self and offer it to your fellow human beings on the planet through your prayers, your rituals, and ceremonies. The prayers for compassion will support the shifts and changes that are unfolding and help to sooth the fiery energy of change that is unfolding upon the earth. Love will always serve mankind especially when it is gifted through the heart chakra.

Quan Yin now shows an image of her riding on the back of a huge white dragon, this dragon fly’s through the cosmos with fluidly and grace and a trail of light extends from the dragon tale is like star dust. The mouth of the dragon is open and emanating from its mouth is a fiery white light that seems to lead the way through the black void. Quan Yin stands tall and strong on the back of this dragon head high, flying through the cosmos.

 Embracing the Unknown:

The vision I present to you this day is very intentional, it speaks to the importance of going into the unknown with courage and strength. As you go forth into the future I ask you to be cognoscente of your intention. This intention should be as clear and direct as the fiery white breath of the dragon that I have shown in this vision for you all to see. Your clear intention will light the way, it is imperative that your intention be clear as this intention will light the way into the void of not knowing. I understand your ego likes to have the illusion of control, but this is this time of change, with the magnetic grid around the planet being malleable, it is not a time for control but an opportunity to embrace fluidity, and connect to your raison d'être (reason for being) upon the earth.

Ask the questions of your soul journey. Why have I come here to this earth? How can I be of service to the Mother Earth and her children? What can I do to believe in myself and my journey? This is certainly the time to trust in your journey upon the earth. Complacency will not serve you at this time, now is the moment you have been waiting for my dear ones, and you are the ones you have been waiting for. I extol you to remember who you are and your purpose for coming to the earth at this auspicious time.

I am here to support your journey and I watch you with love and respect as you transcend the mundane and reach for the higher knowing. There is much pride and excitement as I observe your transcendence, I am aware that you are being asked to make this journey based on trust, like vision of the dragon flying through the darkness of the cosmos, into the unknown. I am here to continue shine the light, the fire that will illuminate your way into the unknown. You are asked to stand tall and courageous in your conviction, and allow your knowing to come forth from the wisdom place of your being.

The most effective way to release this wisdom is to let go of the old patterns and stories from your past, doubt, worry, sadness and anger. This creates room in your energy field and allows you to raise your vibration so that you can absorb the huge crystalline energies that are being gifted to the world.

The releasing of old paradigms will allow for new patterns and energy to come to you on your journey upon the earth, as you grow and learn you are providing for others a solid role model to follow.

You have come to this earth to be the shining light to allow your light to glow in the darkness, not all souls have come from the same place within the cosmos. That is why you are encouraged to follow your heart and allow the true essence of your being to come forward, as you carry this light energy to the planet you are providing a huge service to mankind.

Blessings to you this day Children of the light,

I am Quan Yin



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