Mother Mary Crystalline Grid 2022

Mother Mary

Crystalline Grid

Published Sedona Journal of Emergence October 2022

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 The vision I see is of Mother Earth from outer space and all around our Earth Mother is a sparkling lattice grid of light that shimmers and shines. The grid lines are moving and pulsating and the whole vision is one of vibrancy and vitality. I then observe the earth being cradled by huge hands and it is as if these hands are holding the earth with unconditional love and gentle strength. I am aware it is our beloved Mother Mary that presents this vision for all of us here upon earth at this pivotal time.

Mother Mary Speaks:

You are held in the hands of the creator, you are held in love and grace dearest ones. The vision of the crystalline grid is intentional and each of you is asked to ponder the significance of this vision. You are aware that upon the earth there are huge changes and transformations occurring and the energy is flowing quickly. You may be experiencing some overwhelm at the speed in which both your personal and collective lives are shifting.

Change is the one constant and you are being called to have no fear of change. Imagine you are in a boat floating down a river, no paddles or oars to steer this water craft, you are asked to trust in the flow of the water and allow yourself to be held in the fluidly. The metaphor of the river is to remind you to trust in the ebb and flow of life as it currently is upon the earth. Choosing to go with the flow of life and trusting in the changes that are unfolding helps you to release the grip of fear that can keep you frozen in time.

There is no going back for the momentum is in place on many levels for changes to occur. There is support for these monumental fluctuations to take place support from Mother Earth herself, from the alignment of the stars. There is support from the Ascended Masters here beyond the veil and we are proud of each of you and hold you in our loving consciousness.

Oneness is your strength:

There is an etheric grid that surrounds earth that is composed of all of light, love, and truth. This energy of love and light emanates from each of you dearest ones as you are the light in the world. The earth is also being supported and washed in the illumination from the higher realms of consciousness. I encourage each of you to continue to be the light for the world. Your spark of divinity is needed at this time. As above so below has never had a more poignant meaning than now for as you allow your light to shine it is felt and needed for the crystalline grid to remain strong and vibrant.2014 07 01 103521

You have a choice to be the light and notice the good in the world or to go into fear and feed the lower vibrational energies that also share the planet with you. You have free choice and never before in the history of humans upon the earth has it been more important to exercise your free will.

To gossip and compare and complain can be seductive, but I ask you to remember it serves no higher purpose and only aids in keeping you in a lower vibrational frequency.


For some of you these shifting times are creating exhaustion in your body, mind, and soul that leaves you feeling depleted. To you I would say please rest, find places upon the Mother Earth to rejuvenate your being. Allow your breath to be the catalyst to align with the crystalline grid and call to this energy to fill you up with replenishing sweet nectar of life force. Breathe deeply this substance into your blood, bones, and muscles and let it calm your mind.

You are not alone and in the asking for support you are honoring your connection to the higher realms.

Most benevolent ones I leave you with this supplication know that when you ask for my love I am always here for you. May you feel my love on the autumn breeze, hear my call in the eagle cry and see my essence in the blue sky.

Mother Mary

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Mother Mary Do you hear our call softly she comes to us softly she comes

With blood and roses with love and thorns softly gently she comes

Mother Mary do you hear our prayers

Mother Mary do you see our pain

We are not sinners but pure divinity

Softly she comes to us softly she comes

With roses and love with blood and thorns with strength and power we can feel your love

We release our fears in your blessed arms we can cry our tears, held in your great wisdom

We accept the chalice cup of divinity we drink from the sweet nectar that connects us to your love

Softly gently she comes

Mother Mary do you hear our prayers

Mother Mary do you feel our love

We can feel your love enfold us close and warm we can feel your grace like rose petals falling from the sky

We release the hurt we release blood shed we no longer wear the crown of thorns and dread emboldened by your love and divinity

Softly she comes to us softly she comes

With roses and love with blood and thorns softly gently she comes

Submitted by Therese Dorer

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Many people ask me how I began my journey here is a snipit of my story.

The death of my father was my first real encounter with the fragility of life.

This time of my life was full, I was a married  a mother of two children, I had a full time career working at a municipal job. I was overwhelmed by the busy schedule of my life and my children’s lives.

My mother and I were very close so when she told me of a wonderful experience she had with mediation and how it felt for her like a movie I was very intrigued. I knew very little about meditation other than you had to sit quietly and do nothing, which felt strange to me. I asked Mom where she had learned to meditate and she told me about the book Revolution for Within by Gloria Steinman. The book intrigued me as it was about how to find our inner wisdom and part of the journey was suggested meditations at the back of the book. I was quite skeptical, I had never meditated and thought sitting quietly with my eyes closed would be a waster of time. In my job I was proud of being someone who got the job done, and enjoyed being organized and efficient.

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